Day 21 – What makes me happy?

Things that make me happy are getting up refreshed so I can enjoy the morning, which doesn’t happen very often.

My cat and the way she snuggles up so cute like an Anne Gedde baby.

Drinking tea makes me happy.

My husband makes me happy. When we sit together on the couch exhausted after our days at work.

Today was kind of shitty, to be blunt. So I’m having a hard time to think of big things that make me happy. Being done with exams is kind of nice, but I don’t feel happy per se. Just kind of empty and exhausted mentally and physically. And tomorrow I have work, so it’s going to be pretty draining. It’s hard to look forward to customer service when you have barely enough energy to feel like you can take care of yourself.

I’ll try to make the little things happen more often.

Day 19 – Favorite Childhood Book?

I have a lot of troubles just choosing one of anything, which you all should probably have gathered by now.

There are a few books that come to mind, usually ones that i would get from the library at elementary school. I was really enchanted by fairy tales and legends and the illustrations were amazing.

Bluebeard – illustrated by Edmund Dulac

it’s so macabre and thrilling, and it’s another one I’d like made in the likeness of amazing movies like Pan’s Labyrinth or in a scifi gritty noir.


The Twelve Dancing Princesses – illustrated by Kay Nielsen, also illustrated by Kinuko Y Craft ( I really loved both versions)

I loved the idea of escaping into a secret place and being able to return whenever I felt like it, and when I got along with my sisters I’d be alright with them coming along too :P

The forests, the lavish partying and gowns, and being freakin’ royalty! best ever.

12dancingprincesseskaynielson nielsen_dancing1 kinuko y craft

The Incas, Myths and Legends – by Daniele Kuss

I can’t find this in english anywhere!! I can only find other language versions, but I remember vividly how beautiful the stories and illustrations were. I think there was one about a daughter of a sun god, or she was golden? It’s a little fuzzy, but this was an amazing book and really inspired my love for South American legends.


Hounds of the Morrigan – written by Pat O’Shea, cover illustration by Kinuko Y Craft

This was just a cool book.. it’s got an enchanted book (so meta) with an evil snake, some goddesses, and some weird part where they are going through a maze that is literally a fingerprint.. this book really inspired my art for a while and I think I tried to do a novel study when I was in grade 6 or 7 about it.

Kinuko Y Craft - 2003 (09)

what books do you remember from your childhood?

Don’t forget to check out Erika’s post for today! She’s really into aliens

Day 18 – It’s Selfie Saturday!!!

Holy Shit, Y’all!!! Today is the best.

belated TBT to when I was a cute little wanna-be gothlette
belated TBT to when I was a cute little wanna-be gothlette

So I know I did the day in the life of me yesterday, but today was so nice.

I started out incredibly mad and grumpy because we had pizza and lava cakes last night… whenever I have pizza I don’t sleep well and I’ve been eating way too much sugar lately so I had heartburn. Hubby slept in the living room so I was okay all stretched out and listening to Sips. I guess he came back to bed super early in the morning and so I had to lay like a normal person and that made me grumpy.. then he wasn’t even sleeping and he was using my ipad, so that made me more grumpy. To make things worse I was dehydrated, and then the cat was all up in my grill being kinda cute but I wasn’t in the mood.

I ended up getting out of bed a little before 9am, had a shower and puttered around doing cleaning and grumping around, but it was so so beautiful outside so I thought to myself “wtf, Alisea, why are you being such a stick in the mud. You should go for a walk

I went out a little after midday, stopped at my boss’s new sandwich shop, and went to the park.

Then I listened to the Scathing Atheist podcast while I designed some stuff and crocheted a few coffee cup cozies. They aren’t finished yet, so I don’t have a picture, but they’re really cute so far. I got a bit of a sunburn, but I don’t even care cause it made me so happy to be outside by the river and no one bothered me. I got some Blue Sky sodas! I haven’t tried it before, but it’s got real sugar and real flavors (whatever “real” flavor means…) and they are super tasty and pretty cheap for a pop that calls itself all natural.

excuse my laptop image quality.
excuse my laptop image quality.

I even finished ALL of the laundry when I got home, got all of the recycling and pizza boxes sorted out AND did the laundry for things I’m bringing to consign. I was a productive and successfully ambitious* person.

The story about my selfies is that I tried so hard to take a selfie and I didn’t like any of them and I got progressively more yucky feeling about it. But I have a couple anyways, cause I need to learn to like the way I look even when I’m not glamorous.

the best things about this picture is that I can finally put my hair in a ponytail, there's some sweet art I did, and my bat'leth looks like a crown.
the best things about this picture is that I can finally put my hair in a ponytail, there’s some sweet art I did, and my bat’leth looks like a crown.
This is the more accurate representation of my hair color at the moment
This is the more accurate representation of my hair color at the moment


this is what I feel like doing to my face when I have a bad selfie day.
this is what I feel like doing to my face when I have a bad selfie day.

* “successfully ambitious” is a phrase compliments of my man.

Day 17- a day in the life of me

my life isn’t action packed, just to give you fair warning!

Today, for example, I didn’t have work or classes, in which case I probably would still accomplish the same amount of tasks outside of those hours.

I woke up at 11am because I stayed up til 2am. I was supposed to go to a chemistry exam help session which started at 11, so I was super late. Ended up getting to the college around quarter to one o’clock. I met a friend and we hung out in the cafeteria for a few hours and “studied”

Turns out that I had won a year pass to a bird sanctuary and a swag bag because I entered a raffle! So that was fun, the backpack I got from it is pretty sweet.

Then I came home around 4pm and hung out with my hubby until he went to a friends house.

After he left I talked to Erika on skype for a while and was successful at procrastinating about packing some boxes to send to my family up north. I got a bunch of Japanese candy from the Asian supermarket yesterday, since they don’t have one in their town, really. 

Now I’m watching Danger 5 on Netflix. I should go to bed because tomorrow I’m planning on going out to get a new phone because my old one is completely destroyed. 

Right now that’s a fairly accurate representation of my life as a slacker. 

Tomorrow I’m planning on taking a better quality selfie for Selfie Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled!

As Promised – a double-WHAMMY (part 2)

day 15 – in which I talk about some of my favorite movies

and finally! Today’s subject: What is my guilty pleasure?

I have a lot of pleasures that I should feel guilty about, I think, but I don’t really. I’m a fairly hedonistic kind of gal.

I’m not really that ashamed of my Spice Girls habit.

I recently found a mint condition Spice Girls school supply set.
I recently found a mint condition Spice Girls school supply set.

I also like to watch Drive (basically the only movie that makes me understand why girls get weak in the knees for Ryan Gosling), and other dramatic high octane movies for the hot people. It’s not the only reason I watch them, but it’s definitely a big perk.

Erika’s got a good one!

I haven’t forgotten about day 15, I had an essay due. I did finish it! but now it’s time to sleep, so I’ll do a double whammy for the 16th.

Day 14 worries

The thing I worry about the most is failure. I worry about a lot of small daily things and a few other larger things, but the theme is definitely failure. 

It’s the kind of worry that brings paralysis. For instance, for years I was so scared of failing at school and not knowing what I could be successful at, that I just didn’t go. Didn’t even apply, and when I attempted courses every couple years, I would become a horrible student. This isn’t a healthy worry at all. But I’m definitely getting better at working through the anxiety and keeping focus on the bigger picture. 

I worry about failing courses and wasting money and time, I worry about doing a couple years of my degree and finding out that it’s not for me, I worry about graduating and not being able to find a job, I worry about if I find a job and it’s not good enough to support the family I want to build. I worry about if I will be a bad mother someday, a bad partner, a bad friend. I know I’ve been a bad sister.

I don’t believe that there is a life after I die, so mostly I worry that I will have wasted my life. 

Being an adult sucks, because it’s all on you to accomplish what you want, and to even decide what you want in the first place. 

That probably sounds really pessimistic, and it kind of is. I think it’s easier to be able to adjust your goals and do what you need rather than try to live up to someone else’s idea of what you should be or what their plan is.

When I worry about little things I basically worry about failing to start or to complete them, so it’s all the same sort of thing.

Thing thing thing! I say that a lot haha, sorry!


One thing I don’t fail at is being a good knitter.  

Day 13 – Zodiac stuff

The question for day 13 is “what is your zodiac sign and does it fit your personality?”

Also, it’s quite fitting that the 13th is dedicated to something of a superstitious nature.

I’m a Leo. Leos are quite fantastic, in my opinion. But I think that the arrogant nature is really exaggerated because people are jealous that we are so amazing.

Generally I am a spot on Leo, except that I’m not very extroverted. I can be, but I definitely have a limit and after that has been reached I just can’t be with people anymore. I have a weekly quota for interactions with people, so if I am going to school and work, there’s not much extracurricular activity that I do. And to be frank, I’m not a fan of being in the limelight, but I will not refuse a compliment or any appreciation for things that I do.

I don’t put a lot of stock in zodiacs or other such hoodoovoodoo fancy stuff, but I think it’s a lot of fun. It gives ideas and can give you some insight about what you think you are. I have a friend who does tarot card readings and refused to do one for me because she knows I don’t believe in it. But honestly, even though I don’t think it can actually divine my future or anything, sometimes it can help me see problems in a new way and think of different perspectives on the events in life.

dec 2009me when I was looking super “leo” in 2009

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