Usually I can manage fears and anxieties.. at least to the point that it doesn’t affect my life too much. That’s probably not even very accurate, because I abstain from activities all the time based on anxiety and needing to be in my comfortable space… but what I mean is that usually I can hide it and people don’t realize how much of a freakin’ mess I am. Continue reading

Alisea Approved Podcasts…. so far

I just discovered the Atheist on Air podcast.. Pretty impressed, I’ll definitely add this to my regular listening.

Other “Alisea approved” podcasts so far are:
The Non-Prophets
Girl on Guy (with Aisha Tyler)
Godless Bitches (on hiatus, I think)
The Friendly Atheist (good if you have about half an hour, versus 1-2 hours for most of these others)
and the Atheist Nomads

Does anyone have any good podcast suggestions?

1:30am can’t sleep so I’ll write incoherently instead.

rant alert. I’m also pretty sure that I have said these things in posts before, but I dont really care because I cant sleep and being angry is the way I’m avoiding slipping further into my pit of depression.

I think I’m willing to embrace the fact that I’m an angry atheist.
I’m even what you might call an anti-theist. Fucking proud of it too. If there was a god, he/she/it is most certainly an asshole. Continue reading


*fair warning: this is going to be really ramble-y*

Recently I have been feeling fired up.. not about any one particular thing. I’m finding it hard to explain exactly, but I almost feel like I’m at a turning point in my life. Several ideas and plans that have been floating around in my head are starting to feel more concrete and I’ve been struggling to come to a point at which I feel confident enough to make some changes that need to be taken care of. Continue reading

Further Faith

I haven’t posted yet this year, Happy 2013 everyone!!

I hope you’re ready for this, haha. This blog has become much more serious in the subject matter I’ve been writing about, I had originally intended this to be pretty much just a crochet/knitting/craft blog (which there will be more of, btw)

For those of you that know me, you probably know I’m not a fan of religion, I’ve made it apparent in previous posts as well. Today I just wanted to vent about the perception that I’ve seen from quite a few people that agnostics are “lazy atheists”. Continue reading