a little update.

birdsanctuary aug 2015

Hello everybody

I have been quite absent. Not that I was ever much of a prolific blogger to begin with, but I need to stop coming up with excuses. I’ll probably never be a very steady person with this sort of thing.

Oh well!

Tidbits of news:

My hair is almost shoulder length and I haven’t had any major impulses to hack it all of yet! (coloring my hair definitely helps.)

I missed a deadline so I have to wait to get into the program I was planning on. As a result, I’m just taking one course this semester.

I got Marie Kondo’s magical decluttering book and it is amazing.. but now I am so busy I don’t have the time to use the knowledge from it in any real way. I really want a full week or something so I can do a marathon cleaning and re-ordering to our lives. (perhaps just another excuse)

With the coming cool weather, I’ve noticed that my inspiration level is increasing.. I feel more like actually pursuing creative endeavors and I like it. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like creating things. I’m planning on doing some weaving (wall hangings) and drawing (bookplates are amazing!)

That’s all for now. I will show you some pictures from when I went to the George C Reiffel Bird Sanctuary.

birdsanctuary aug 2015 -2 birdsanctuary aug 2015 -3 birdsanctuary aug 2015 -4

hey all.

It’s been a little over a month since I did my grand April blogging challenge. I’m super burned out, so that’s why I haven’t done any other blogging. Between work and school and home it’s just a lot and I haven’t felt like I’ve got anything to say.

“oh but alisea, you’ve always got something to say”


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Day Thirty!! #goals

I did it! (sort of)

I actually blogged for (most of) 30 days. I’m happy that I did it.

Today is the day I’m supposed to talk about what goals I have for this next month..  I think I’ll tackle this on two fronts: the  blog and the personal.

In terms of the blog, I want to keep blogging at least twice a week. Probably something like Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday. I’m planning on brainstorming topics I’d like to talk about, and maybe doing some more crafting  and personal posts. Do you all have anything you’d be interested? I don’t know.. Erika told me about a decluttering challenge, so I might do something with that.

Personal goals are more varied I think.. I really need to cut out sugar. I went to a candy store today.. and I’ve been eating candy every day for a while… and I can feel the sugar in my veins almost and my whole body feels creaky. It’s the combination of lots of sugar, not a lot of water, coffee almost every day, and not eating fully nutritious meals. We were doing really well for a little while, but both of us got stressed out and our meal planning derailed. So sugar = no, water = yes, coffee = maybe……. I haven’t decided on coffee, but I think if I’m going to cut out one thing, sugar is the one that I won’t get massive headaches from and I enjoy coffee more as a full (+ guilt free) experience.

I’m starting school for the summer semester next week. Just one course, so it won’t be too bad, but I want to really keep on top of the work and do even better than last semester. I have to finish  my application to university for the fall as well.

I need to do some freaking organization!! I tried to find some receipts for taxes, and it was insane…. every year it’s the same. So that’s basically why I am thinking of doing the decluttering challenge with Erika. Challenges are good for me.

Oh! and when my eShakti order arrives this month, I’m totally going to do a review. I have a skirt from them, and I loved it but this time I really made a risky decision. I got a jumpsuit! my dreams of being futuristic jumpsuit girl are going to be realized! even though it’s not a really futuristic jumpsuit, it’s just a denim looking one. But it’s close enough for me!

Day 29! Fave Games Edition!

So today is the day I’m supposed to talk about my favorite games to play. I’m not a huge gamer, because when I get into games I get lost in them for hours and literally can not get out.


Once when I was playing the Sims, my hubby (at the time just my fellow living-in-sin ner) was cooking and severely burned his hand. Apparently he yelled so loud that the neighbor came over to ask if he was alright, and it was probably about 4 or so hours until I paused the game and noticed his hand was wrapped up or something. I have absolutely no memory of hearing his cries of pain. So that’s why I don’t play the Sims anymore.

My top favorite games are……. *drumroll*

Oblivion and Skyrim. – I love openworld (truly open world) rpg’s and doing weird shit like just leveling up one stat. I got my sneak up to 100 (actually higher, if you count my fancy pants boots) before I even went into the first Oblivion gate. Then I got amazing sneak attacks on everything.  And since I had leveled up so much before even doing any of the story-line quests, all of the enemies were ridiculous levels for the actual fighting skills I had.

Sims – just because I love to micro-manage things and make them bend to my will.

Child of Light!!! This game is beautiful and amazing to play. It’s a fairy tale story sort of on a Pan’s Labyrinth/Alice in Wonderland/Sleeping Beauty/Cinderella bend…. you explore the world and solve all the quests, and I actually really enjoy the fighting system. It surprised me because I’m not a fan of old-school Japanese rpg turn-based fighting like in Final Fantasy (please don’t lynch me!) The art style is all watercolor/painting and it’s so dreamy. You all have to play it.


I have failed (temporarily) to blog every day this month. Hopefully this entry doesn’t disappoint.

For the April Blogging Challenge, I have missed days 22-26.. and if you include today (the 27th) that’s 5 days to catch up on. The topics included thoughts on education, what is something I’m passionate about, where would I like to be in 10 years, selfie saturday, my fave blogs, and what my hidden talent is.

That’s a lot to cover, so I might just touch on each but let’s see where it takes us.

first up: a selfie!! hot off the press!!!


A little current info about me is that I’ve definitely hit a personal slump. Not really in the professional/development aspect of my life, but just in general I’ve been feeling really apathetic, depressed and just not motivated to do anything. I’ve been late for work a lot because I keep accidentally sleeping in, and I’ve been really bogged down by simple tasks like keeping up with house chores and keeping in touch with friends. This weekend I really had to prioritize my mental health, which is why I haven’t done the posts as per the 30-day challenge.

I really don’t feel passionate about much of anything lately, but usually I get easily fired up by learning about new needlework/knitting/other miscellaneous techniques in creating or manipulating fabrics. I have a lot on my Pinterest boards about that stuff, but usually I lack the motivation to actually put it into action. I have a large collection of craft supplies that I very slowly plug away at when I feel like I have enough energy to be creative. (btw, I have amazing boards cause I have really good taste in everything)

In ten years…. I’m really quite open to changing my goals and plans, but I’d love to own or be in the process of paying the mortgage on a home. Probably up in the Prince George, BC, area because I really want to be close to my niece and soon to be niece/nephew!!! By 36 I should probably have figured out whether to have kids yet or not. My husband really would love to be a father, and he would be great at it. We’ve decided that he’d be the stay-at-home parent and ideally I could work from home at least part of the time. I think he would have a heck of a lot more patience with young child(ren?) than I would. My mom was the working parent, so I really know it can work out, even if my childhood wasn’t perfect.  We want a house that has a good size yard so we can build a couple sheds for a workshop and hobby place, and so that we can grow some foods and have a funky garden. I don’t really want a lawn, I want a place with little nooks and crannies that we can escape to and that a child would be able to explore. Basically in my imagination it looks like a sweet little cottage. Other than my dream house, I’d like to have started on a women’s issues and craft magazine.  It would be a bonus if, by 36, I would be able to get a better handle on some of my mental health issues and be unencumbered.

So to sum up on my missing days-

22: Thoughts on Education next episode

23: What is something you are passionate about? CHECK!

24: Where would you like to be in 10 years? CHECK!

25: a selfie! CHECK!

26: your favorite blogs next episode

27: What’s your hidden talent? next episode

It’s pretty late and I should get to bed and hopefully not be late to work tomorrow. I’ll continue on my catch-up tomorrow 🙂

Also!! Check out my friend Erika’s day 22, day 23 and day 24, day 25, day 26, and 27! she’s definitely a little more organized than I am 😛

Day 21 – What makes me happy?

Things that make me happy are getting up refreshed so I can enjoy the morning, which doesn’t happen very often.

My cat and the way she snuggles up so cute like an Anne Gedde baby.

Drinking tea makes me happy.

My husband makes me happy. When we sit together on the couch exhausted after our days at work.

Today was kind of shitty, to be blunt. So I’m having a hard time to think of big things that make me happy. Being done with exams is kind of nice, but I don’t feel happy per se. Just kind of empty and exhausted mentally and physically. And tomorrow I have work, so it’s going to be pretty draining. It’s hard to look forward to customer service when you have barely enough energy to feel like you can take care of yourself.

I’ll try to make the little things happen more often.

Day 19 – Favorite Childhood Book?

I have a lot of troubles just choosing one of anything, which you all should probably have gathered by now.

There are a few books that come to mind, usually ones that i would get from the library at elementary school. I was really enchanted by fairy tales and legends and the illustrations were amazing.

Bluebeard – illustrated by Edmund Dulac

it’s so macabre and thrilling, and it’s another one I’d like made in the likeness of amazing movies like Pan’s Labyrinth or in a scifi gritty noir.


The Twelve Dancing Princesses – illustrated by Kay Nielsen, also illustrated by Kinuko Y Craft ( I really loved both versions)

I loved the idea of escaping into a secret place and being able to return whenever I felt like it, and when I got along with my sisters I’d be alright with them coming along too 😛

The forests, the lavish partying and gowns, and being freakin’ royalty! best ever.

12dancingprincesseskaynielson nielsen_dancing1 kinuko y craft

The Incas, Myths and Legends – by Daniele Kuss

I can’t find this in english anywhere!! I can only find other language versions, but I remember vividly how beautiful the stories and illustrations were. I think there was one about a daughter of a sun god, or she was golden? It’s a little fuzzy, but this was an amazing book and really inspired my love for South American legends.


Hounds of the Morrigan – written by Pat O’Shea, cover illustration by Kinuko Y Craft

This was just a cool book.. it’s got an enchanted book (so meta) with an evil snake, some goddesses, and some weird part where they are going through a maze that is literally a fingerprint.. this book really inspired my art for a while and I think I tried to do a novel study when I was in grade 6 or 7 about it.

Kinuko Y Craft - 2003 (09)

what books do you remember from your childhood?

Don’t forget to check out Erika’s post for today! She’s really into aliens

Day 18 – It’s Selfie Saturday!!!

Holy Shit, Y’all!!! Today is the best.

belated TBT to when I was a cute little wanna-be gothlette
belated TBT to when I was a cute little wanna-be gothlette

So I know I did the day in the life of me yesterday, but today was so nice.

I started out incredibly mad and grumpy because we had pizza and lava cakes last night… whenever I have pizza I don’t sleep well and I’ve been eating way too much sugar lately so I had heartburn. Hubby slept in the living room so I was okay all stretched out and listening to Sips. I guess he came back to bed super early in the morning and so I had to lay like a normal person and that made me grumpy.. then he wasn’t even sleeping and he was using my ipad, so that made me more grumpy. To make things worse I was dehydrated, and then the cat was all up in my grill being kinda cute but I wasn’t in the mood.

I ended up getting out of bed a little before 9am, had a shower and puttered around doing cleaning and grumping around, but it was so so beautiful outside so I thought to myself “wtf, Alisea, why are you being such a stick in the mud. You should go for a walk

I went out a little after midday, stopped at my boss’s new sandwich shop, and went to the park.

Then I listened to the Scathing Atheist podcast while I designed some stuff and crocheted a few coffee cup cozies. They aren’t finished yet, so I don’t have a picture, but they’re really cute so far. I got a bit of a sunburn, but I don’t even care cause it made me so happy to be outside by the river and no one bothered me. I got some Blue Sky sodas! I haven’t tried it before, but it’s got real sugar and real flavors (whatever “real” flavor means…) and they are super tasty and pretty cheap for a pop that calls itself all natural.

excuse my laptop image quality.
excuse my laptop image quality.

I even finished ALL of the laundry when I got home, got all of the recycling and pizza boxes sorted out AND did the laundry for things I’m bringing to consign. I was a productive and successfully ambitious* person.

The story about my selfies is that I tried so hard to take a selfie and I didn’t like any of them and I got progressively more yucky feeling about it. But I have a couple anyways, cause I need to learn to like the way I look even when I’m not glamorous.

the best things about this picture is that I can finally put my hair in a ponytail, there's some sweet art I did, and my bat'leth looks like a crown.
the best things about this picture is that I can finally put my hair in a ponytail, there’s some sweet art I did, and my bat’leth looks like a crown.
This is the more accurate representation of my hair color at the moment
This is the more accurate representation of my hair color at the moment


this is what I feel like doing to my face when I have a bad selfie day.
this is what I feel like doing to my face when I have a bad selfie day.

* “successfully ambitious” is a phrase compliments of my man.

Day 17- a day in the life of me

my life isn’t action packed, just to give you fair warning!

Today, for example, I didn’t have work or classes, in which case I probably would still accomplish the same amount of tasks outside of those hours.

I woke up at 11am because I stayed up til 2am. I was supposed to go to a chemistry exam help session which started at 11, so I was super late. Ended up getting to the college around quarter to one o’clock. I met a friend and we hung out in the cafeteria for a few hours and “studied”

Turns out that I had won a year pass to a bird sanctuary and a swag bag because I entered a raffle! So that was fun, the backpack I got from it is pretty sweet.

Then I came home around 4pm and hung out with my hubby until he went to a friends house.

After he left I talked to Erika on skype for a while and was successful at procrastinating about packing some boxes to send to my family up north. I got a bunch of Japanese candy from the Asian supermarket yesterday, since they don’t have one in their town, really. 

Now I’m watching Danger 5 on Netflix. I should go to bed because tomorrow I’m planning on going out to get a new phone because my old one is completely destroyed. 

Right now that’s a fairly accurate representation of my life as a slacker. 

Tomorrow I’m planning on taking a better quality selfie for Selfie Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled!