Easter weekend

It’s been a good weekend so far, pretty jam-packed.. not as relaxing as I’d hoped it would be.

I worked thursday at the salon, which took forever because it ended up being a slow day, and went to Will’s parent’s in the evening because it was his dad’s birthday. We stayed overnight.. and the mattress was so comfy!! ours is complete crap right now, I can feel almost every spring in my back and side when I lie down in it and it’s so collapsed that the springs are going out the sides so the mattress is wider than it should be and sheets don’t stay on it as well as they should. We really aren’t that easy on it, to be fair. It was really wonderful to sleep on a proper mattress for a night.

Then on friday we went to my mother’s house for an Easter dinner, it was perogies, and they were mightily delicious. My mom made them from scratch, and there was farmers sausage  too.. My aunt Geri and uncle Eric were there too, I hadn’t seen them in a few months, so it was nice. After dinner we had tea and talked, and after my aunt and uncle left, they started to watch a movie. Will and I decided to go home early and walked home before it started.

On Saturday, it was crazy. I thought that I was going to go to work at the theater later in the day, around 6pm. But the manager called me in around a quarter to 10am to make sure I had checked the schedule, and that I was coming in at 11am. Well that  was a major surprise, after I had just woken up and was all cuddling with the Mr. and all of a sudden I had to be at work in an hour on a day that the buses were running less because it was a weekend AND easter weekend. 😦  I didn’t have time to eat much for breakfast, and then I rode my bike to work.

One thing to know about Famous players, is that you never really get a break when you’re working. There’s always something to do.. and you can never just sit for a moment and eat something. I can just tell I’m going to become undernourished, more than I probably already am. So on Saturday I worked a straight 6 and a half shift at the concession, which is the most demanding and exhausting job at the theater. There were a lot of customers who needed things I had no idea how to do… and had to find someone to help me help them.. I made a couple people late for their movies.. and I forgot a bunch of stuff about what to do with coupons, so at the end of my shift, the till balance was off. When I got home I was so tired, I could barely talk or stay awake.

Today was much better. We went to his parent’s house for Easter Dinner, and it was simply scrumptous. The mashed potatoes were the best I’ve ever had, and Will’s mom always makes an amazing turkey and candied yams. I got a lot of crocheting done there and it was by far the most relaxing day of this weekend.

Tomorrow I have to work again at 11am. I wish I had better shoes but I have to wait until next week I think. I’m just tired of having flattened out, unsupportive shoes.. They’re absolutely no good on wet and/or buttery floors like at the theater. When I was filling up the ice for the drinks, there was lots of water and grease on the floors and I felt like I could have just died from slipping on the floor and knocking my head on something.


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