Well my sister’s birthday is today, so I made her a bag.. wish I had an iron so it wouldn’t be so collapsed and sad looking, but i did fairly well for not having sewn anything in a long time. Dug into my fabric stash and found this awesome dark green brocade-type fabric. lined it with this black and white psychedelic polka dot fabric, and the handles are chain crocheted thick felted green wool yarn. it looks pretty snazzy, but it’s a little small. It’ll be good for bringing around a wallet and a couple other things around.

Yesterday Will and I got a nintendo DSi, he loves it 😛   Of course I don’t know whether I love it that much cause Ii didn’t get to use it much 🙂

The nice thing about it is that one of us can be on the computer and the other can still get on the internet from it.

Also! I got a call from this restaurant I applied at a while ago, and got an interview tomorrow!! I really hope I get it, cause then I can quit working at the salon and just work at the theater and a restaurant. If I get enough hours and all at this job, I might even just downsize to one job.

it’s a good time.

*news: John Casablancas Institute just called, and I have an interview with them about schooling next Monday!


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