Will left on his 3-week long work experience to Vancouver today.. he’s starting tomorrow at the PanPacific. It was so sad at the airport, I couldn’t cry because his dad was there and it would have been really awkward, cause I had to drive back with him.. 😦 I miss him so much already.. there’s almost no point in coming home ever because he’s the reason I look forward to bedtime and after work and hanging out at home in general. Without him it’s so empty and lonely.

However, I am going to try to use this time to improve. I’m going to get all the chores done that I didn’t feel like doing before, because I don’t like doing chores while he’s around, I’d rather spend cuddly time with him than do chores. I’m also going to sew and crochet a bunch of projects I’ve been planning but haven’t had the time to, and I’m going to clear out a lot of the junk and trinkets we don’t need that I accumulated before we got together. I’m also planning on reading more, and helping his mom and my mom out in their yards. My mom needs to plant some flowers, and get some major weeding done, and Will’s mom wants help with the same, I’m sure. I also like hanging out with her, she’s such a lovely person to be with, and I like that someday she’ll be my mom too.. officially.

On that note, I’m not sure how to deal with new parents, and I’d like to think of his parents as mine too. But how do you transition to that? I was thinking that I could call her mom on the telephone first, to test the waters and let her get use to it, and then call her that in person after a little while.. Or I could just talk to her about it. I know from Will and his nephew that she has called me her daughter.. if they weren’t lying to me 😛
I’ll probably end up talking to her about it, because I tend to do that.

I toyed with the idea for a couple hours of throwing a surprise wedding for when Will gets back, but I don’t know how he’d handle that.. he’d probably be elated, but there is the possibility that he wouldn’t like it at all, because of the suddenness of it all and not being able to prepare. He really wants to get in shape before the wedding and get his teeth fixed… but on some days he just wants to get married right then and not deal with fancy wedding stuff.
In favor of this idea, though.. I have my dress already, just needs to be shortened, which should be easy.. I’d like to have a bit of a petticoat under it to keep it out from my legs a bit but that’s not necessary at all.. Renting a tux would be not too bad, if we have a bit of extra cash or if someone did that as a wedding present. I could just buy some cheap flowers for my bouquet, or not have one at all if I wanted.. a small veil could be made with the extra fabric from the bottom of the dress because it’s a lace covered dress, and I’m pretty short, so there would probably be enough. We could make it a potluck so that food isn’t a problem. and since it would be so quick, some of the people wouldn’t be able to come and we wouldn’t need as much food. I know a local lady who is ordained and would probably be able to do a short-notice ceremony.

Of course, we would throw another party later in the summer for the family and friends who wouldn’t be able to make it for the original ceremony, and it would be pretty and fancier. I just want to be married and have the rest of our lives start.

And only a crazy person would do all that.

Tonight I have to work from 6:15pm til 12:30am 😦 and ride my bike home from work.. which will be a total bitch because I’ll be completely tired out from work, and then have to bike uphill probably on an empty stomach to an empty house and no comfort. At least I got new shoes today for work.. the old ones are completely collapsed on the inside and have no support and are practically pro-slip footwear.

To make it better, I plan to come home, find a quick bite to eat, draw myself up a bath/ have a long delicious shower, and sit in bed with the pretty red colored lamp on and read a book. Watching a movie would be too depressing, because Will is the best movie watching buddy, and watching a movie without him is kind of a bummer.

In the morning I have an interview with John Casablancas Institute.. but I haven’t gotten the information yet, so I don’t know what’s up. The lady on the phone said she’d email it to me… I’ll just have to review their website and figure out some questions for them beforehand.


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