Well Now.. A new direction

I haven’t posted anything in a while, and it doesn’t really matter, considering no one reads this blog.

I’ve been on a bit of a crafting/organizing/art swing again.. Once I finish my projects in progress, I will borrow a camera and post about those things. Just talking about me is kind of boring.. so I’ve decided not to let this blog go the way of the past few.. I am going to post about the crafts and stuff that I do, because it’s something I find fun. Occasionally I’ll rant about stuff.. but blogging about style and crafts and all is more up my alley I think.On the crochet front, I made us a grocery bag dispenser, I saw a picture of one on Ravelry and decided to try it out, but I didn’t follow the pattern, I just went by what I remember it looking like in my head. I used this bright yellow yarn I got at walmart, and it’s got quite a capacity.. I finished it earlier today and put all the bags that were filling up one of our closets into it, and it’s bulging to an extreme degree.  I experimented with the pebble (? I think it was the pebble) stitch, and I love that stitch!! dc, sc, dc, sc, dc, sc  It has the most pleasing texture. I also experimented with a mesh-y stitch pattern I made up.. I think that it’s the mesh most people use, but the last time I did mesh I did it in a completely different way.

Just this evening I started a summer camisole/tank top pattern I found in a Crochet World magazine from 1984. The picture isn’t the prettiest, being an 80’s crochet picture.. they’re generally icky and make you not want to try a pattern cause if it makes you look like them.. then no. But I tried to look past the model and I think that the top definitely has potential. If it turns out ugly then I’ll just unravel it and put it in the black book of patterns.


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