Gonna get a cell phone

We ordered our phones at the same time, and then they forgot to send mine along with his, so he gets free minutes and data stuff while we I wait. it’s only because we got a family plan and it’s their fault for forgetting to send mine 😦 we got the same kind of phone.. it’s so fancy and cool. I have to say I’m pretty jealous cause he can do so much fancy stuff with it and all I can do is watch. waaa

I’m planning on doing this “30 for 30” challenge. You choose 30 items total from your closet, including shoes, and wear them in different combinations and ways to keep it interesting. I think personally it’ll be a good practice in minimalism, which is a problem for me. I’m overwhelmed by stuff. I have way way too much for a person of my age and financial means. In the next month or two it’s my goal to get rid of things that I’m not mindful of or don’t use/see in my day to day life. And since we’ve moved into Will’s parent’s basement, it’s become a stressfull issue for me. Everyone seems unhappy by how much I have. it wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t gotten rid of shelves when we moved.. so everything is in boxes or strewn about because they just had heaters installed and we had to move shit around to let the guy work.  YARG.


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