long overdue

I haven’t posted anything for an embarrassingly long time.
I’ve been quite busy, actually.
The Will and I moved into his parents’ basement which has been interesting to say the least… I got an actual real and good job!!! exciting… and I’ve been sneaking in some crafting and general laziness into my free time. I’ve acquired quite a little stash of yarn. I think I’ll post pictures with my snazzy new camera(!) and show everyone who doesn’t exist!! woo


I’m working on a Megaman hat for ‘ze lover, and it’s going alright.. ran out of the yarn I was using right when I was on my last couple rows, so I had to wait to get that, but now I have it, so I am going to finish it within the next couple days I think.
I made this awesome scarf and handwarmer set for my secret santa, but I had to rush it out of the house this afternoon, so no time for pictures 😦 too bad, cause it was definitely my best work yet.

My problem is that I start things and don’t finish them.. I have about 10 projects I’ve started, and about a million that I want to make, yet I don’t put in the time to actually do it and push through to the end. I’m going to work on that in the new year, that’s for sure.

Some blogs/things on the web that I think are of interest today:
and this project has had my eye for quite a little while http://pm-betweenthelines.blogspot.com/2010/08/free-style-crochet-and-wire-coat-hanger.html
Soon I’m going to break out all my wire hangers and my stashed bits of yarn and make multicolored versions of this. I LOVE IT!!


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