I’m really bad at titles

but I have some pictures.. finally. haha


I decided to upload all the pictures on my camera onto the computer.

this is the headband I made for a co-worker of mine.. (excuse my yucky face in this picture) I had some wool left over from when I made her some handwarmers for Christmas. She has a horse, so I made it for when she goes to the stables in the morning to keep her cozy and from freezing. It’s a bit bigger than I had planned, but she likes it and i think it’ll be good since she has short hair now. Here’s a close up of the stitch pattern I used. Just a basic DC, SC alternating through the whole work.


I’ve had these leather gloves I found for a month or so. The fingers were too short and the hand part too big around. But they were free.. so I’ve been keeping them till I figured out what to do. And I did!!

I forgot to take a picture before I did all the chopping up. As you can see the finger tips are gone, and as you can’t see in this picture, I took out the lining.. which, btw, make awesome little fingerless gloves in their own right. 

I think I’m going to cut up the leather gloves so they will be my biking/driving gloves!! I think they’d be super cute with a little strap and a button, and I can poke some holes around the edges to do some simple crochet edging.


Coming Attractions: Megaman hat photos !!!!  and a cd/dvd disc holder


5 thoughts on “I’m really bad at titles

  1. That’s a REALLY good idea for the gloves! I bet it’ll be really cool. I think maybe you know how some blankets have that one stitch around them?

    This one! That might be cool around the fingers, too. But maybe not for these gloves… But a neat idea, none the less!

    Also I really love that pattern for the headband.
    You went one stitch SC DC SC DC SC DC?? The opposite in next row? I’m not sure I understand haha.

    1. Yes, I think I was thinking of the blanket stitch… seems like a good way of binding an edge that doesn’t fray too much. I was thinking of maybe an orange-y yellow or something else that’s really bright and happy!

      with the stitch pattern I alternated so that if a row starts in SC, then next one will start with DC and it will all even out.

  2. (haha, blanket stitch… Such a simple term that I didn’t even know )
    Oh cool! I’ve never actually tried that yet.. I shall one of these days.
    Yeah, I like that idea.. But then maybe it’ll look bumble bee ish. it’d be cute ^_^

    1. I just had an idea! if i do the blanket stitch, then i can do some matching cute embroidery coming up from the wrists.. like flowers and little bees or flies. and a couple highlights. For instance, if I do all yellow like I was thinking, and then do a few little red parts just to give it a little depth.

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