Super happy fun times!

I’ve only been up for a few hours so far, but it’s been really exciting!

I woke up  many times this morning but didn’t actually “get up” until about 10am when I got a call from my boss.. she found out that my coworker is quitting, and won’t be working next week, so I got some extra shifts! and I let her know that I want more shifts later.. to set up for asking for fulltime next week when I “find out” that my coworker quit. super plan.

Anyways.. After that my mom called and I found out that my Aunt is moving out from my Uncle and she is moving into the same buildings as my mom lives. I’m excited for her, I think she really needs this time to focus on herself again and they can work through the issues they’ve been having.

Then one of the dogs of Will’s parents, with whom (i don’t really care if it’s proper english, i felt like saying it)  we are living ran out over the fence because the snow is so high this year.. and she’s having a dandy time in the wild right now. She has a name tag, so his mom isn’t too too worried, but they went out trying to find her an hour ago and they didn’t have much luck yet. Bubbles is so light colored and little she blends in so well with the background right now.

I got the most fantastic shoes yesterday!!!! $3!!!! super nice lace up – REAL lace up, not “lace up with a zipper on the side” lace up, which I think is a bit of a cop out.

They’ve never been worn before! and flat and perfect… I’ve been searching for these shoes for years. literally.

And Finally! I have the much awaited picture of the Megaman Hat!! Will is sleeping so I can’t get him to wear it and take a picture of it and then post it on the internet in good conscience.  so imagine there is a head where my arm is:

Next time I make one I know a few changes I’ll make to the pattern.. and then maybe I’ll write it all out.


My current projects are:

The Juliana Wrap – this lovely wrap in a pretty pale grey yarn I got FOR 50 CENTS!! OMG!!! it’s awesome

I’m also trying to figure out a pattern for awesome thigh high leg warmers.. I should probably try doing math. figure out gauge and stuff.

Now I’m off to wake up Will and take him to work!

My hair is really wonky today. I fell asleep while my hair was still wet. What makes your hair wonky?


3 thoughts on “Super happy fun times!

  1. Wow! That’s so cool! $3? Wow! what a steal! Those are awesome.
    haha that dog’s just having the time of its life! poor thing hahaha. did it come home yet?
    And neat!! I can’t wait to see it done. I’m making a dread tube now for Pearl. I’m loving the thing i’m doing for it..
    Can’t wait to see the thingy! and man i saw these cool leg warmers on etsy, or you showed them to me maybe? do those! the lace up ones?

    1. Yes, she ended up finding her way back over the fence, and then we cleared around it so they can’t just climb on top of the snow and run around willy-nilly.
      I made a lot of progress on the scarf yesterday.. so much that my whole arm hurt.. I just have to remember to do those exercises to help with repetitive stress injuries. I think it was those leg warmers I showed you on etsy, I’m trying to figure out a way to do a tunisian crochet version of them.

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