Pictures! and Food! and Crochet! oh my

Well there’s quite a bit that’s been in the works for me. but first! pictures of a fancy coconut curry with spicy shrimp and shitake mushrooms. Yum Yum Yum!

 it was spicy but not too spicy, super delicious smooth heavenly flavor

 marinating the shrimp, which go on top of the soup afterwards

then sautee the shrimp and have some limes with cracked pepper on just one side for fancy plating’s sake


TA DA!! I love my man! I eat very well.

 So to interrupt the pictures, we may be moving down to Vancouver! so exciting! Will is going down at the beginning of next month to go applying and job hunting, and if he gets one, then he’ll do a little apartment searching and I’ll hand in my notice at work. Then when we have an apartment and all the fancy stuff taken care of, I’m going to rent a u-haul and hit the road!! I asked one of my friends if she’d come with me so I’m not just a lone driver, and as long as she can get her pets taken care of for a few days she said it’d be good!! I really am positive things will work out. When we move down I’ll just handle wedding plans via email, and hopefully get to school in the Spring, since it’s a bit late for trying out for the fall semester. Not to mention, I don’t want to worry about school AND a wedding all at once. I think I’ll like the little bit of time to organize things and properly organize a new apartment.

On the craft front: I have a new favorite crochet stitch.

BEHOLD!! the tunisian smocked stitch!!  ( sorry for the crappy picture quality.. but it’s amazing)

it’s stretchy and pretty and feels so nice. In my experience with tunisian/afghan stitches, they seem to be very bulky thick stitches, moreso than regular crochet stitches.. but since the tunisian purl stitch carries a bit of the thread through the front of the work, it spreads the bulk a little more evenly. It looks far fancier than it actually is, and it feels stretchy like I could comfortably wear it as a shirt or something. There aren’t really a lot of stitches I can envision as a super comfortable loungy shirt or sweater.

 pretty picture of my wip

And yes, I did start a little knitting.. nothing fancy, just trying out stitches because I decided I don’t want to limit what I can do with yarn. I don’t know why, but because I see crochet as somewhat of an “underdog” I began to dislike knitting a lot. I still think that more can be done with crochet, but I’m going to try to respect and learn from the techniques knitters use so that I can develop my crocheting skills and combine them into marvelous projects.


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