It’s official

I can’t fit into my wedding dress right now.

sad panda face

anyways.. so it’s just given me the extra motivation I needed to kickstart my healthy lifestyle changes I’ve been wanting to make. Exercising for one. Eating more fruits and veggies, not so much bread and deep fried stuff or junk food which I know doesn’t contribute anything to the healthy functioning of my body.. and I want to eat less meat.

I’m not at all ungrateful, but living with the in-laws these past months has really taken a toll on my food choices. His mom makes so many delicious rich heavy foods that I’m not use to (on such a regular basis). And they’re good, believe me they are.. but I like those types of things as a once in a while treat reserved for holidays, not every day. I’ve had more butter, dairy and crazy mashed potatoes and cheese and bacon than I can handle. I don’t feel very energetic. When I eat I don’t want to feel like hibernating and just vegetating on the couch, I want to feel alive and vital after I eat. That’s what food is supposed to do, right? give you energy?

Don’t misunderstand me at all.. I honestly believe that you can be healthy and fat at the same time. Just like someone can be skinny and unhealthy at the same time. I just know for myself that I’m indulging too much in things that I really don’t need to.  I do want to fit my clothing better and feel more confident, but that comes with the energy and feeling at peace with the choices of what I put into my body. If I reach my goal of eating well and getting activity into my day more and I’m still chubby, then I’m good with that. I *love* my hips and my curves, but I can’t help wanting to not feel jiggly and yucky when I simply walk down a hallway.

One thing that I dislike about myself is that my thighs stick together when I walk and stuff.. I don’t like that feeling. It’s why I’ve almost never worn skirts in every day dealings.

to counterbalance that little negative nelly moment: I like how my skin freckles during the summer.

On another note, I got these couple things a while ago, but I still have to show someone! this awesome stitch holder and this surprisingly good set of Needlework reference books.

10 cents!!!! Isn’t that amazing?! I really like it, cause it’s handy and I’m a sucker for neat packaging like that.

Now this is a set of 3 books called the Leewards Complete Library of Needlecraft. In the books it covers pretty much all the basics and a bit to spare on Knitting, Crochet (including tunisian, hairpin and basic tatting), macrame, embroidery, Sewing, patchwork and applique, needlepoint/cross stitch, and even Rug making!!!!

There are lots of good looking patterns  in these books that are on my ever growing list of projects to complete. I’d recommend them if you happen to ever see these books around.


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