okay, I love magazines. I hate advertisements. I understand that all the advertising creates a cheaper product in terms of magazines. I still hate them. So everytime I buy a magazine, I take it home and sit down and rip out all the ads. (all the ones that are on double sides of the page.. not the ones that happen to be saved by having an article or something on the other side)

a whole boatload!! what a shame 😦

However, I will “save” an advertisement if it is pretty enough, or if I think I might someday be inclined to check out a product. I just find it  annoying that so much of my time during day to day life is taken up by looking at advertisements. I wouldn’t feel so burdened by it if they were at least artful, or somehow less annoying… but I don’t think that is going to happen. It’s the reason I rarely watch cable, and I steer clear of a large majority of the internet. I guess it’s good that I’ve acknowledged the ads and I know they’re trying to brainwash me and get me to do things I may not want to do.. like spend money.. I just wish I didn’t have to avoid watching tv shows I like, simply because the ads really piss me off. 😦 the aggravation doesn’t seem worth it.


Anyways!! I now know approximately when I’m going to be moving, about the 14th or 15th of July.. it’s exciting.. I’m purging so much stuff and it feels amazing to be rid of all this stuff I’ve kept for some reason. I get too attached to useless items and bits of paper that I have no use for. Probably a bit of a hoarding tendency. I just need to not let it get out of hand. A move is the perfect time to purge though, because I have to purge, I don’t want to unpack things that I don’t know why I brought hundreds of miles.


One thought on “Arg!!

  1. haha, that’s why I’m throwing out things now before we end up moving elsewhere. There;s so much shit laying around that I don’t even want… Just random crap.

    I like your view on advertisements… haha. Unfortunately I don’t do the same thing, but when I had tons of magazines before, I used to draw over them and make them better. Same with any models and stuff like that 😀

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