Heart Shaped Balloons


yup, that stupid DQ commercial was on, and I was in need of a title.

there are lots of pictures, so I put the rest behind one of these link-a-doodle things

Today was super!! I got up, did dishes, laundry, went out to exchange some rolls of coins for laundry change. On the way home I stopped at the salvation army and got a couple cheap things 

a strapless handkerchief hem shirt and a single sized sheet that I’m going to use to line a bag for *someone* duh duh DUH!!! but there’s so much that I’m sure I’ll be able to do lots more with it. I only have a couple weeks to do the lining, so wish me luck in my hand sewing endeavor!

After that on the way home there’s this cute little yarn store, which I stopped at to check out. The lady there was really friendly and I had a conversation with her about different yarns and stuff. I found some AMAZING yarn that I am going to save up for… delicious silk.. and some gorgeous multi-colored stuff. There was also a little basket of skeins for $3. 😦 me being who I am, I got it!! it’s so pretty I’m gonna make stuff with it!!

And here are some projects I’ve been up to the past couple days.

 this is  my first attempt at Tunisian Entrelac, just to get the technique. It’d look so good in a variegated yarn to show off the way colors and tunisian interact together. I’m stoked about the cool possibilities, and someday when I do more knitting, I think I’ll do some knitted entrelac items.

 After I did the entrelac tester, I thought “wouldn’t mesh entrelac be super?!” but it didn’t work out, so I unraveled it and I decided just to make tunisian mesh. I have an idea for a way to integrate this into a shirt, so I’ll let y’all know how it turns out.

On to my favorite project!!! woohoo!

I’ve been intending to do this tutorial for AGES! but today I decided I’ll just do it, no more lolly gaggin’ around.

I've had this 50 cent yarn for a while, always wanted to weave with it
this is the first few rows
After about an hour (I took a "break" for laundry)

I just put the ends back up to the notches in the cardboard, they were getting in the way.

Tied the ends after I was done the weaving

One thing I would have changed at this point was that I didn’t do a lot of warp (?) threads.. the ones that go vertically and you weave through them. It would have been a lot easier to tie them off and have a better sealed edge.

Single Crochet edge to really finish it off.
FINITO!! (totally spelt wrong)

I’m planning on embroidering some letters on it and probably framing it as a “home sweet home” type deal.


 she really likes to bury her face into some blankets/pillows after you pet her and knead away at it.. it’s so cute!!

just a pretty pic of her.. omg ^.^

today she took a nap!! and that’s what she looked like!!! OMG!! XD

I hope everyone is doing well!


4 thoughts on “Heart Shaped Balloons

  1. awwww that lining for that bag is aweeeesome!!
    snowflake is sooo cute!!

    that weaving is so cool!! 😀 it looks tough haha but awesome!
    wow, you’re getting so much done and it seems like you’re living it up being in Vancouver.
    Keep up the good work, i’m so proud of you/happy for you!!

    1. actually the weaving was incredibly easy! the biggest problem, which isn’t really much of one, is weaving in all the ends after you’re done. it’s as simple as cutting notches in the cardboard and then just throwing yarn on it. 😛

      I’m really optimistic lately! the first couple weeks were a bit tough cause I didn’t know the area as well, but now I’m comfortable going out and doing stuff.
      There’s also a farmers market just up the street on thursdays that runs till 7pm, I think I might check that out next week.

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