Labor vs. Labour

I guess since I’m in Canada I should be using labour, not labor. I like the simplicity of not adding a ‘u’ to words for no reason. Although if I feel hoity toity then I’ll spell shit however I want to.

In life events:

Will and I have a friend staying over for about a week, this last weekend (labor day weekend) we went to Japadog!! it was delicious! If anyone gets the chance, you have to go there.

We also went to Burger Heaven again. I had the cod burger, and it was scrumptious! woohoo for good food!

In more life events:

I have the marriage commissioner for Oct. 1st.

I got a job offer and an awesome job interview today, so I find out tomorrow if I get the second one. I have a super feeling about the interview, so I’m crossing my fingers that I get it. It’s just down the street from me, whereas the one I got an offer on is a few train stops over and a 20 min. walk after that. Which means I’ll be paying for a monthly pass, which means less money I could use for more useful things.

I need to figure out how to get my wedding dress shortened (cause I’m not so tall) for cheap. So if anyone can suggest anything, that would be fantastic! I’m thinking I might try hand sewing, but that means I need help pinning the hem to the length I need it, and that’s hard. I don’t really want to feel ridiculous on my wedding day with a way too long dress so I feel frumpy. that’s the day no one ever wants to feel frumpy.


2 thoughts on “Labor vs. Labour

    1. I have a sewing machine, but it’s up in peegee right now.. I guess I could ask my mom to bring it down when she comes for the wedding, but I think there are more important things she can fit in her car. I also like that with hand sewing, I know exactly where each stitch is going, so I can fandangle things the way they need to be. I think it’d be easier to do a blind hem on the dress like that rather than using a machine.

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