One Week Already!!

I’ve been married for a week now.. I don’t feel a whole lot different. Will and I were living together for 2 years before we finally did the legal stuff. I guess it’s how you suppose you should feel different after your 16th birthday or losing your virginity, but it ends up not feeling so life altering. Especially since I made my commitment to him a long time ago, and there isn’t a big change in my life besides the fact that I now call him ‘husband’ rather than ‘fiance’ or boyfriend. I’m so happy we finally tied the knot, though.

I guess I will tell y’all about the wedding.. and show some pictures.

A few days before the wedding, Will’s friend Christine came to stay with us from Connecticut, if memory serves me. Christine is awesome, btw. We baked cookies and hung out lots!! She also helped me out with putting together the decorations the night before the wedding.

flowers before
flowers after
close up of the center

Thanks Christine!!!!

some cute flowers left over we put in a vase

On the Day, it was crazy.. Christine and I went out to get last minute stuff, like the keg of rootbeer, and some ingredients for salsa and guacamole. I had to finish sewing the hem of my dress, which was incredibly stressful! Also, no one else knew how to work my phone, so when people needed to get in the apartment, I had to ring them up, and it was so hard to get ready and do that at the same time and try to make sure everything was done.. wow.. it was crazy.  I have a hard time delegating tasks.

Will ordered a couple party plates from Okonomi Sushi, and it was a big hit, along with the cookies Christine and I made.

Now for some fancy pictures!!! Courtesy of my best friend Jen, she’s a super photographer, and a super person!

last minute alterations
Will makin' some salsa!!
He can now kiss his bride!
my favorite picture

 There will be more pictures sometime soon. I didn’t want to put up pictures of anyone else, just because of privacy and I don’t know if people want their pictures up in a public arena.

Here is a video of the ceremony that  Bob took with his phone. 


2 thoughts on “One Week Already!!

    1. I was so happy you and Taron could make it, even if you didn’t take pictures, it was super to have you there at one of the best times in my life.
      I heard you’re a crocheter now 😛 maybe when you move we can get together for some craftiness and design stuff like we talked about.

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