Xmas with the Millers

Christmas Kitty!!

Christmas was good for us. I don’t have a lot to say, so this post will mostly be pictures.

our awesome dollar store xmas tree
eggnog and sourdough french toast with maple candied BACON!

Will made candied cranberries, and we did cornish hens with a sourdough, pear, bacon and eggnog stuffing (OMG SO GOOD) and a side of  yukon gold buttermilk mashed potatoes with a hint of truffles, some butter poached radishes and carrots, and a fantastic dark chicken au jous instead of gravy. After the chicken came out of the oven, he ladled hot oil over it so the skin got nice and crispy. I also made some yummy buttermilk biscuits/buns

sugar encrusted jewels of deliciousness
in progress
le husband at work
2 out of 3.. don't they look scrumptous?
fancy plating
our table! excuse the box of things I neglected to bring out to the recycling
and Dessert!! eggnog rum and whipped cream with some nutmeg sprinkled over and a cranberry perched on top

It was a very good day, friends, presents and food. I really liked spending the whole day with Will, which doesn’t happen that often with work and all that jazz.

I leave you with CRANBERRIES!!!

yum yum yum in my tum tum tum

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