I think this hits my thought processes right on the head (pun not intended but i llike puns so i’m keeping it in there). I do know that lower weight is not synonymous with health, but I do find myself thinking these horrible things about myself anyhow.

Health At Every Size® Blog

by Michelle May, MD

Bias. Stereotyping. Prejudice. Discrimination. Bullying.                  

These ugly words describe a serious problem weight stigma. Our culture is entrenched in the belief that fat is bad, people with fat are bad, people who exceed a BMI of 25 are unhealthy, and that only a narrow range of body sizes are beautiful. Billions of dollars are spent trying to attain the cultural ideal, but the more we diet, the further we move from it.

Whether subtle or blatant, weight stigma is broadcast into our living rooms and shows up in our classrooms, break rooms, and exam rooms. For many of us, weight stigma hits even closer to home: right between our ears!

 Making the invisible, visible

 What beliefs about weight have you internalized? Are those beliefs helping you or harming you?

 By internalizing this cultural bias, we condemn ourselves to living within its limitations. We allow…

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