tons of fun! with craft books.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the used book store across the street from where I work. So I’ve gotten quite the collection of craft books .

Before I get started on the sharing of books, here is a sharing of food! Will made it a few weeks ago, but it was pretty darn delicious. Pork chops, the sauce was fantastic and had dates in it.

yum yum yum

This is going to be pretty picture heavy, I hope you appreciate it because the wordpress uploader is being a big meanie to me and it took way longer than it should have…

There are macrame, needlepoint/embroidery, crochet, and  motif/cultural focused books. I don’t know why I feel like sharing all of these, I guess I’m just happy with the way my craft library is growing. I think I might make a page dedicated to showcasing the volumes I have acquired.

First up is an Embroidery magazine issue from 1976:

volume 27, spring 1976
this was one of the things that drew me to this magazine

There was this article about a designer who loved to embroider, but she wanted more control over the qualities of the material that she used so she started to knit using machine knitting, the pictures are so whimsical and beautiful.

Also, this one piece really .. well it’s just fantastic.

the shoelaces!!

Along the lines of embroidery and needlework is this needlepoint book. It has so many graphs and colorwork patterns that I think would be amazing to convert into a crochet or knitting pattern.

Needlepoint Bargello. yes, it is that bright.
such cool colorwork

I like Macrame books that have unique things in them.. not oodles and oodles of plant hangers.

this is chock full of interesting hangings
these 2 designs are my favorite

Another sweet macrame book I bought is this “Macrame Why Knot” ( don’t you just think the title deserves special recognition?)

plus the clock is such a cool idea

A couple crochet-oriented books.

Richardson's Crocheted Edgings and Insertions. I might scan this one in someday...
The Workbasket, March 1957

The Workbasket is a cute little magazine with lots of needlecraft patterns, ideas and cute vintage advertising.

I want to do some of these patterns in chunky yarn and make a blanket

I bought a book full of motifs of Ancient Mexico and another that showcases Central Cree and Ojibway Crafts. And the piece de resistance (or however you say it):

sunset ideas for clothing decoration with embroidery, applique, dyes and paints, and recycling. circa 1977

This one is dripping with 70’s cheese and hippy-ness. BEHOLD!

hairy man in hand-woven garment with tapestry and space-wrapped fleece decorations
a group of people wearing stuff.

Geez, aren’t I creative with the captions? not as creative as this lady’s shirt:

in all honesty, I really love this
This definitely falls under a "what not to Crochet"

I also got a Basket making book today. I don’t have reeds, nor the desire to get some, so I’m thinking of rigging up some wire and yarn/plarn maybe into some fancy baskets.

I will leave you now with this picture 🙂

don't worry, bee happy





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