Losing Faith in Humanity

Fair warning that this is a rant and may or may not make sense. There Will be profanity. 


What little I had left is dwindling.. Well technically speaking it’s not humanity I’m really losing faith in, it’s the government. Which people elect, and which is made up of people. So by proxy it is faith in people. 

In particular I’m concerned about the direction Canada is headed. Especially with fancy pants Harper in charge. He is a dick. that’s my opinion of him. He’s selling everyone out for no reason, really. I think he delights in the fact that people were stupid enough to elect him and his party (twice, I believe) and he wants to see how much shit he can get away with before someone tries to stop him or we revolt. I doubt that Canadians will mass protest on a scale large enough to make any changes. We (generally in North America) are complacent and think that WE OWE OUR GOVERNMENTS SOMETHING, not the other way around!!  I’m getting so fed up…. every day I hear another way Harper is fucking us up the asses and I know there are a select few people doing something about it, but I just don’t have faith that anything is going to change. I think that’s where he has an advantage. There are probably millions that feel the same way. I feel like whatever I vote for, it doesn’t matter, whatever I think should happen doesn’t matter, because some douche in Parliament is going to put his hands over his ears and make loud noises so he doesn’t hear what the people really want. 

Enbridge pisses me off.. basically any new oil pipelines piss me off. The fact that Canada sells asbestos to the third world pisses me off, and that Harper is selling our resources to other countries. WTF!!!!

It’s at the point where I avoid reading the news because I just get too depressed. Literally. And I’d rather avoid reading it because I know I can’t change it.  

When will it end? 

I hate feeling so helpless in the fate of my country, and I hate the feeling that anything I try to do doesn’t matter because there are tons of people out there that will just balance it out for the worse. 

This is one sad person…. 😦

I could probably go on and on, but I’d just start repeating myself. 

Basically my opinion is that the government doesn’t care about us and that we’re fucked unless something drastic happens and the people responsible are held accountable for what they’re doing to the country and its people AND we can’t let these injustices happen again. 




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