Further Faith

I haven’t posted yet this year, Happy 2013 everyone!!

I hope you’re ready for this, haha. This blog has become much more serious in the subject matter I’ve been writing about, I had originally intended this to be pretty much just a crochet/knitting/craft blog (which there will be more of, btw)

For those of you that know me, you probably know I’m not a fan of religion, I’ve made it apparent in previous posts as well. Today I just wanted to vent about the perception that I’ve seen from quite a few people that agnostics are “lazy atheists”.

While I’m sure that there are a few agnostics that are lazy about it, there are probably those same types of people in every religion. I’ve heard a few people say that they are Catholic even though they don’t believe in anything Catholics believe in or practice any aspect of it in their daily (or weekly) life. It’s just somehow a default setting they think they are just because their family raised them in a Catholic environment. To me that’s like saying that a  straight couple can only raise heterosexual kids. It doesn’t make sense.

Agnosticism is a perfectly valid belief, it’s not quite as elaborate as some beliefs are, but it is just as (if not more) logical to believe than any other thing. Scientifically, we cannot prove definitively that a God does or does not exist. Atheists generally do not believe that a God exists, and that is not the same as thinking that it may or may not. Agnostics are just smart enough to concede that there is a possibility either way, not brazenly thinking that they are the right ones.

People believe in the stupidest shit.

I am more on the atheist end of agnosticism, but I don’t think I can ever truly have proof either way, so that makes me agnostic. I also believe people should have the freedom to believe what they want, but I reserve the right to call bullshit.

Overall I think religion does more harm than good for humanity. One could argue that it’s the individuals who can be good or bad, and if a Christian murders it doesn’t make all Christians murderers. I do agree on that, but I would say that if it’s down to that argument, it isn’t necessarily the religion that makes the non-murdering Christians not murder. If it is simply the religion stopping all Christians from murdering, that is a horrible implication for humanity.

At least in the case of Christianity -which is the one I have the most experience with- it fundamentally degrades every single person. In the Bible, we are told we are inherently sinful and we have no means to help ourselves. It is only some unseen “loving” entity that decides whether or not we deserve to go to hell or to heaven. A truly loving God wouldn’t need anyone to prove themselves or really do anything, true love is unconditional.

It kind of makes me think of a guy who might say “you’d have sex with me if you really loved me”

That’s abusive.

God apparently made me the way I am, and I’m supposed to feel eternal guilt for that? No Frelling Way!

Humans are flawed, that’s for sure. But we have the means to improve ourselves and turn it around to make our own destiny.


2 thoughts on “Further Faith

  1. Why do people get so worked up about religion? The whole idea seems so silly to me…

    I mostly posted just to say “frelling“ made me grin though.

  2. Well, I agree with you on that one. I’d like to think if there was a god, and you chose the wrong religion to believe in, like me for instance in believing in Buddhism, that god wouldn’t care, as long as you were practicing good ethics and morals. you know what I mean?
    My mom is one of “those” catholics. Well, she wass raised catholic, not sure if she considers herself one anymore. regardless, it’s lame.

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