Day 3 – If I could have any job in the world?

In my fantasy world, I would be an astronaut. I have an undying dream of being able to go to space.. mostly in the amazing fast-travel sense that most scifi is based around. I know I’ve mentioned Farscape really recently, but I basically want a leviathan ship. I could *settle* for being a colonist on Mars 😛


I’m not really sure. I would like to be able to do something with fibers or threads or organization. I’ve been thinking I would potentially love to be either a textile designer or a magazine editor.

to be perfectly honest, I had a weird day and I feel drained and pretty pessimistic.

I’m in the process of going to school and I’m going to be doing a bachelor of journalism degree. I’m hoping that will give me some inspiration to go either into tv/radio or something in the print/media industry. A little dream that right now my brain isn’t letting me be hopeful about is perhaps getting my shit together and either creating or joining a needlework/crafts-focused magazine and being an editor or contributor. Mostly I don’t want to be in retail.


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