Selfie Saturday – Quatre Jour


This is me and my significant other/husband, not as of today, but it’s the most recent picture I could find. I realized today that part of the reason I’ve been feeling so out of it is that I have come upon my woman’s time again. UGH!

So yeah.. selfie saturday wasn’t very promising for me today haha

In Erika’s post today, she talked about some of the stuff that’s going on for her right now. I thought I might do a little of the same as part of the effort to procrastinate on an essay that is due on Monday and I have only the faintest clue on what I’m writing about.

This is the end of the 3rd week and Will and I have been making an effort to plan meals for, it’s been a bit of a trouble shooting period. The first week went really well and both of us were feeling really energetic and happy. On the second and 3rd week though, we have discovered that meals with bone-in meat isn’t really the best for us, it makes us far less likely to eat when we should and is just more to throw away, which is defeating the point of what we want.

The way we have figured has worked for us is cooking 3 or 4 different types of meals on a Sunday and putting it all into containers in the servings we need, so it’s really easy to either grab (and go to school for me) or grab and eat after work rather than waiting for the other person to come home and then figure out dinner together.

(He and occasionally I blog about this sort of thing here)

On another and more unimportant front: I’m signed up for chemistry in the summer semester, not sure how I feel about it right now. The lab gets really hot, and it’s been winter (whatever that means in the Vancouver area.. ) and my lab time is going to be on Thursday afternoons. We can’t wear sandals or shorts/capris/shortsleeve tops/etc… so it’s gonna be a scorcher!

also: a peek at a picture i’m in the process of



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