Day 5! Fave beverages/teas

Anyone who knows me knows I love beverages. I honestly don’t drink as much fluids as I should, but I don’t dislike many types of drinks. Beer is among the few I really can’t stand.

I think I’ll make it something like a top 5 list.


This is my tea and coffee cupboard, but it’s 90% tea. I have 2 bags of coffee beans that I really almost never use, and I’ll probably end up using them to dye some fabric instead of drink it all.

In terms of teas I love, I have found I mostly have a soft spot for chamomiles. I don’t drink black teas very often because I usually forget to take the bag out and it gets really strong and bitter. Also, sugar and milk have no place in my teacup, only honey on occasion.

Here are some of my favorites:

two teas I got for x-mas from my sister
two teas I got for x-mas from my sister



Teavana's Citrus Lemon Sage
Teavana’s Citrus Lemon Sage


Teavana's Spiced Mandarin Oolong
Teavana’s Spiced Mandarin Oolong
This is my absolute favorite! It smells so smooth.
Teavana's Cococaramel Sea Salt
Teavana’s Cococaramel Sea Salt

Other things I love to drink are home made sodas. Will and I got a sodastream, and we love it! Not a fan of a lot of their pre-made syrups, but we have made a few really wonderful ones. Last summer he made an amazing spiced ice tea, and I’m planning on finding a good root-beer syrup recipe.

Coffee liqueur is also a top favorite. Just a small glass with a couple ice cubes at the end of a day.

But my absolute premiere top of the top favorite is rootbeer!! 

Barq’s doesn’t count unless I’m desperate, but Mug is a great rootbeer in a jiffy. A&W rootbeer, Dad’s rootbeer, Pop Shoppe rootbeer, Stewart’s rootbeer, and a few that I can’t remember the name of but I love so so much!

Specifically this one (that I conveniently cropped my wierd face out of.. why did he think it was a good idea to take a picture at that moment?) :

so many layers of flavor, and a rocket ship in the logo!! you can't lose
so many layers of flavor, and a rocket ship in the logo!! you can’t lose

Check out Erika’s Faves!!


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