Day 6- what’s in my closet?

 a better question might be what’s not in my closet?

I’ve been going through a long process of figuring out what I want my style to be, so I constantly buy new things and try to figure out what doesn’t work.

I honestly had piles and piles of clothes going into this post.. So I tried to hang up everything that I know doesn’t need to be laundered and this is what I came up with. It’s still not nearly everything, but this is most of my spring/summer along with a few warmer pieces to keep the chills out.


excuse the quality, ipads dont have the best camera for poor light

I did a quick tally, and being somewhat modest about the full totals, here are the numbers of what’s in my closet:

40+ tops and cardigans

25-30 (+?) dresses

6 skirts

4 jeans 

2 shorts

10+ misc pants & leggings

I’m a little bit embarassed.. This is not including the laundry in the basket and the things I have in storage.

A full overhaul is clearly in order.. I would like to clear out about half of this. If you don’t take into account undergarments, I would probably be able to wear a completely different outfit every day of the year. 


 Perhaps I will get started this week 😊


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