Day 10

How have I changed over the past few years?

Most of the changes are pretty superficial, like I’ve moved cities, married, I’m fatter than I once was, I pay bills like a real adult.

Usually I feel like I haven’t grown at all, but other days I feel like a totally new person. I suppose a lot of it is that I’ve become a lot more emotionally mature.. I am not nearly as mean as I use to be. Just ask my sisters. Even though I still struggle with depression it’s not as deep and cavernous as it use to feel. I’ve started planning realistic goals and *actually* started working on them. Especially concerning my education.

I think a lot of the feeling of not growing comes from being with myself 24/7… people I interact with don’t see all the things that go through my head, I experience the un-edited version.

I’m sorry this is so short.. I’ve been working on an essay and a take-home exam, so I’m all typed-out for the day. I’ve been providing support for so many different people this week that my brain really needs a break. I’m happy to be able to help, but when my batteries get low, I really can’t ignore it or else bad things happen.

Look at my friend Erika’s day 10!


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