Selfie Saturday -day 11

hi guys, another belated post… Since it is technically Sunday right now.

I was definitely not feeling pretty today, but instead of using a previous selfie like last week (which was basically cheating) I decided to suck it up and take one anyway! 


Been dealing with acne, but it’s slowly getting better since I got some pro-active the other week. My eyebrows are growing back, and I actually have most of my eyelashes! The first time in about 7 months…. I’m always scared that they won’t last because it’s always when I feel like I’m over it that I get another episode of pulling. Trich is a bitch.

Positives from today: I finished a take-home exam over 2 days early! And I feel pretty confident about it. I’m still going to go over it once more before I hand it in on Monday, but I’m super proud of myself. I also had a day with pretty much nothing on the negative thought front! Will and I were both feeling optimistic and had a wonderful relaxing day together, and we watched Daredevil on Netflix while we ate pancakes!!! Delivery pancakes! It was beautiful, they were really actually good, not soggy or anything and it was just so novel having breakfast delivered at 8pm on a Saturday. Totally recommend the experience.

Sadly, my phone is officially totalled. I was closing the window while holding it (stupid, I know) and it popped out of my hand and fell 6 stories down. The screen is completely un-readable, but it actually receives phone calls better than it was in the past month. I’ve had it for 4 or so years, and it was such a trooper.

RIP phone, I will treasure you forever

Also, here is my grumpy cat. She is grumpy cause she had to have a shower yesterday because of a yucky incident where poo got stuck to her butt.




3 thoughts on “Selfie Saturday -day 11

  1. Aww, my cats have been there!! It sucks! Poor kitty!!
    I’m glad you felt good yesterday! Hopefully today is the same!!

    Also, a tidbit.. I heard that Eyelashes only grow back a certain amount of times, so be super careful about that!! 😦

    1. I think that the eyelash thing is probably one of those urban myth type things to discourage people from doing things..
      it’s also not easy to just stop with something like trichotillomania, people have techniques to distract themselves or limit the damage, but for me the only real cure*(really, just a cessation) is being stress free. Which doesn’t happen much when you’re a student.
      but! I think I’m learning to cope with stress better and learning when to take a step back and not let it get to a state where I do things like this to myself and just generally not take care of my mental health. 🙂

      1. Ah, yeah I guess you’re right. It probably is. After all why would only eyelashes grow back a couple times?
        I’m glad you’re learning to cope with stress better!! If you ever need any help, you know where I am!

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