As Promised – a double-WHAMMY (part 1)

Day 15- My 3 favorite movies and why?


Day 16- What is my guilty pleasure? (in a second post, because this one got very long)

I’d also like to inform everyone of how much I love the word “whammy”, it’s one of the funnest things to say. Especially when the H is pronounced like Stewie Griffin would.

This is fairly image heavy, FYI.

My favorite movies as of right now, because to be perfectly honest they change as new movies are brought into the pool of movies that I’ve seen and as a good skeptical type of person I try to change my opinions as evidence is provided. Though this week I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.

Also keep in mind that really, it’s so close that it’s not a true ranking of best-worst.

3: Planet of the Apes

Charlton Heston. That’s pretty much why. He hams it up so well! He makes that ham and glazes it until it shines like a freakin diamond!

heston laugh

I’m hosting a Planet of the Apes marathon next weekend, and we’re getting cookies and it’s gonna be a blast!

2: Bladerunner


The full director’s cut. I’m a huge sucker for the aesthetics, but that’s not to say that I can’t appreciate the story line (and boy, do I!). Rutger Hauer, Harrison Ford, Daryl Hannah!!!!, Sean Young AND Edward James Olmos. It’s just too hard to make a bad movie with these people. I also haven’t met a Ridley Scott movie that I haven’t liked yet.


And Sean Young, btw, was really cool in Dune. blade-runner_00367762

1: Return to Oz

this movie is my childhood.

MCDRETO EC056return-to-ozWe would pop the heads off the barbie dolls so that we could pretend that they were like Princess Mombi. She’s one of my top favorite villains in a children’s movie. I kind of wish that someone would take that idea and fuse this movie with Legend and make it a current fantasy horror movie like Pan’s Labyrinth.

CM Capture 13 Return-to-OZ-return-to-oz-31219344-1023-782 Return-to-OZ-Still

Needless to say, number 4 is a bitch.

Don’t forget to see Erika’s Faves! She’s got some really good picks


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