As Promised – a double-WHAMMY (part 2)

day 15 – in which I talk about some of my favorite movies

and finally! Today’s subject: What is my guilty pleasure?

I have a lot of pleasures that I should feel guilty about, I think, but I don’t really. I’m a fairly hedonistic kind of gal.

I’m not really that ashamed of my Spice Girls habit.

I recently found a mint condition Spice Girls school supply set.
I recently found a mint condition Spice Girls school supply set.

I also like to watch Drive (basically the only movie that makes me understand why girls get weak in the knees for Ryan Gosling), and other dramatic high octane movies for the hot people. It’s not the only reason I watch them, but it’s definitely a big perk.

Erika’s got a good one!


3 thoughts on “As Promised – a double-WHAMMY (part 2)

  1. I’m guessing “dramatic high octane movies for the hot people” = “The Fast and Furious” franchise?

    But to me “Drive” was better than that, more like “Taxi Driver”, with the drama, the slow pace, and all the killing. (Although, I could have done without all the killing.)

    I also like it because it shows that a girl with short hair can be cute. Believe it or not, there are actually some misogynistic jerks out there who write whole blog posts about how they think girls MUST have long hair to be attractive.

    I didn’t think Ryan Gosling was cool when I first saw him a long time ago as “Young Hercules” (a spinoff of the old Kevin Sorbo show), but he got cooler as he got older.

    1. yeah, I’m not as big a fan of Fast and Furious.. I watched the first couple but it didn’t suck me in.
      I think what I liked about Ryan Gosling in this movie is that he was more raw than in the usual romantic type stuff people love him for.

      HA! don’t get me started on the whole long hair=true woman argument.. that’s some Red Pill bullshit right there. I’ve always had short hair, and in high school people tried calling me a lesbian cause somehow that made me less of a real girl? I don’t even know.

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