Day 17- a day in the life of me

my life isn’t action packed, just to give you fair warning!

Today, for example, I didn’t have work or classes, in which case I probably would still accomplish the same amount of tasks outside of those hours.

I woke up at 11am because I stayed up til 2am. I was supposed to go to a chemistry exam help session which started at 11, so I was super late. Ended up getting to the college around quarter to one o’clock. I met a friend and we hung out in the cafeteria for a few hours and “studied”

Turns out that I had won a year pass to a bird sanctuary and a swag bag because I entered a raffle! So that was fun, the backpack I got from it is pretty sweet.

Then I came home around 4pm and hung out with my hubby until he went to a friends house.

After he left I talked to Erika on skype for a while and was successful at procrastinating about packing some boxes to send to my family up north. I got a bunch of Japanese candy from the Asian supermarket yesterday, since they don’t have one in their town, really. 

Now I’m watching Danger 5 on Netflix. I should go to bed because tomorrow I’m planning on going out to get a new phone because my old one is completely destroyed. 

Right now that’s a fairly accurate representation of my life as a slacker. 

Tomorrow I’m planning on taking a better quality selfie for Selfie Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled!


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