Day 19 – Favorite Childhood Book?

I have a lot of troubles just choosing one of anything, which you all should probably have gathered by now.

There are a few books that come to mind, usually ones that i would get from the library at elementary school. I was really enchanted by fairy tales and legends and the illustrations were amazing.

Bluebeard – illustrated by Edmund Dulac

it’s so macabre and thrilling, and it’s another one I’d like made in the likeness of amazing movies like Pan’s Labyrinth or in a scifi gritty noir.


The Twelve Dancing Princesses – illustrated by Kay Nielsen, also illustrated by Kinuko Y Craft ( I really loved both versions)

I loved the idea of escaping into a secret place and being able to return whenever I felt like it, and when I got along with my sisters I’d be alright with them coming along too 😛

The forests, the lavish partying and gowns, and being freakin’ royalty! best ever.

12dancingprincesseskaynielson nielsen_dancing1 kinuko y craft

The Incas, Myths and Legends – by Daniele Kuss

I can’t find this in english anywhere!! I can only find other language versions, but I remember vividly how beautiful the stories and illustrations were. I think there was one about a daughter of a sun god, or she was golden? It’s a little fuzzy, but this was an amazing book and really inspired my love for South American legends.


Hounds of the Morrigan – written by Pat O’Shea, cover illustration by Kinuko Y Craft

This was just a cool book.. it’s got an enchanted book (so meta) with an evil snake, some goddesses, and some weird part where they are going through a maze that is literally a fingerprint.. this book really inspired my art for a while and I think I tried to do a novel study when I was in grade 6 or 7 about it.

Kinuko Y Craft - 2003 (09)

what books do you remember from your childhood?

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