Day 21 – What makes me happy?

Things that make me happy are getting up refreshed so I can enjoy the morning, which doesn’t happen very often.

My cat and the way she snuggles up so cute like an Anne Gedde baby.

Drinking tea makes me happy.

My husband makes me happy. When we sit together on the couch exhausted after our days at work.

Today was kind of shitty, to be blunt. So I’m having a hard time to think of big things that make me happy. Being done with exams is kind of nice, but I don’t feel happy per se. Just kind of empty and exhausted mentally and physically. And tomorrow I have work, so it’s going to be pretty draining. It’s hard to look forward to customer service when you have barely enough energy to feel like you can take care of yourself.

I’ll try to make the little things happen more often.


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