I have failed (temporarily) to blog every day this month. Hopefully this entry doesn’t disappoint.

For the April Blogging Challenge, I have missed days 22-26.. and if you include today (the 27th) that’s 5 days to catch up on. The topics included thoughts on education, what is something I’m passionate about, where would I like to be in 10 years, selfie saturday, my fave blogs, and what my hidden talent is.

That’s a lot to cover, so I might just touch on each but let’s see where it takes us.

first up: a selfie!! hot off the press!!!


A little current info about me is that I’ve definitely hit a personal slump. Not really in the professional/development aspect of my life, but just in general I’ve been feeling really apathetic, depressed and just not motivated to do anything. I’ve been late for work a lot because I keep accidentally sleeping in, and I’ve been really bogged down by simple tasks like keeping up with house chores and keeping in touch with friends. This weekend I really had to prioritize my mental health, which is why I haven’t done the posts as per the 30-day challenge.

I really don’t feel passionate about much of anything lately, but usually I get easily fired up by learning about new needlework/knitting/other miscellaneous techniques in creating or manipulating fabrics. I have a lot on my Pinterest boards about that stuff, but usually I lack the motivation to actually put it into action. I have a large collection of craft supplies that I very slowly plug away at when I feel like I have enough energy to be creative. (btw, I have amazing boards cause I have really good taste in everything)

In ten years…. I’m really quite open to changing my goals and plans, but I’d love to own or be in the process of paying the mortgage on a home. Probably up in the Prince George, BC, area because I really want to be close to my niece and soon to be niece/nephew!!! By 36 I should probably have figured out whether to have kids yet or not. My husband really would love to be a father, and he would be great at it. We’ve decided that he’d be the stay-at-home parent and ideally I could work from home at least part of the time. I think he would have a heck of a lot more patience with young child(ren?) than I would. My mom was the working parent, so I really know it can work out, even if my childhood wasn’t perfect.  We want a house that has a good size yard so we can build a couple sheds for a workshop and hobby place, and so that we can grow some foods and have a funky garden. I don’t really want a lawn, I want a place with little nooks and crannies that we can escape to and that a child would be able to explore. Basically in my imagination it looks like a sweet little cottage. Other than my dream house, I’d like to have started on a women’s issues and craft magazine.  It would be a bonus if, by 36, I would be able to get a better handle on some of my mental health issues and be unencumbered.

So to sum up on my missing days-

22: Thoughts on Education next episode

23: What is something you are passionate about? CHECK!

24: Where would you like to be in 10 years? CHECK!

25: a selfie! CHECK!

26: your favorite blogs next episode

27: What’s your hidden talent? next episode

It’s pretty late and I should get to bed and hopefully not be late to work tomorrow. I’ll continue on my catch-up tomorrow 🙂

Also!! Check out my friend Erika’s day 22, day 23 and day 24, day 25, day 26, and 27! she’s definitely a little more organized than I am 😛


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