Day 29! Fave Games Edition!

So today is the day I’m supposed to talk about my favorite games to play. I’m not a huge gamer, because when I get into games I get lost in them for hours and literally can not get out.


Once when I was playing the Sims, my hubby (at the time just my fellow living-in-sin ner) was cooking and severely burned his hand. Apparently he yelled so loud that the neighbor came over to ask if he was alright, and it was probably about 4 or so hours until I paused the game and noticed his hand was wrapped up or something. I have absolutely no memory of hearing his cries of pain. So that’s why I don’t play the Sims anymore.

My top favorite games are……. *drumroll*

Oblivion and Skyrim. – I love openworld (truly open world) rpg’s and doing weird shit like just leveling up one stat. I got my sneak up to 100 (actually higher, if you count my fancy pants boots) before I even went into the first Oblivion gate. Then I got amazing sneak attacks on everything.  And since I had leveled up so much before even doing any of the story-line quests, all of the enemies were ridiculous levels for the actual fighting skills I had.

Sims – just because I love to micro-manage things and make them bend to my will.

Child of Light!!! This game is beautiful and amazing to play. It’s a fairy tale story sort of on a Pan’s Labyrinth/Alice in Wonderland/Sleeping Beauty/Cinderella bend…. you explore the world and solve all the quests, and I actually really enjoy the fighting system. It surprised me because I’m not a fan of old-school Japanese rpg turn-based fighting like in Final Fantasy (please don’t lynch me!) The art style is all watercolor/painting and it’s so dreamy. You all have to play it.


2 thoughts on “Day 29! Fave Games Edition!

  1. HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! xD bahahhahaa. Am I awful for finding that hilarious? Like in the context you used it in and everything. Pure comedic gold.

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