Day Thirty!! #goals

I did it! (sort of)

I actually blogged for (most of) 30 days. I’m happy that I did it.

Today is the day I’m supposed to talk about what goals I have for this next month..  I think I’ll tackle this on two fronts: the  blog and the personal.

In terms of the blog, I want to keep blogging at least twice a week. Probably something like Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday. I’m planning on brainstorming topics I’d like to talk about, and maybe doing some more crafting  and personal posts. Do you all have anything you’d be interested? I don’t know.. Erika told me about a decluttering challenge, so I might do something with that.

Personal goals are more varied I think.. I really need to cut out sugar. I went to a candy store today.. and I’ve been eating candy every day for a while… and I can feel the sugar in my veins almost and my whole body feels creaky. It’s the combination of lots of sugar, not a lot of water, coffee almost every day, and not eating fully nutritious meals. We were doing really well for a little while, but both of us got stressed out and our meal planning derailed. So sugar = no, water = yes, coffee = maybe……. I haven’t decided on coffee, but I think if I’m going to cut out one thing, sugar is the one that I won’t get massive headaches from and I enjoy coffee more as a full (+ guilt free) experience.

I’m starting school for the summer semester next week. Just one course, so it won’t be too bad, but I want to really keep on top of the work and do even better than last semester. I have to finish  my application to university for the fall as well.

I need to do some freaking organization!! I tried to find some receipts for taxes, and it was insane…. every year it’s the same. So that’s basically why I am thinking of doing the decluttering challenge with Erika. Challenges are good for me.

Oh! and when my eShakti order arrives this month, I’m totally going to do a review. I have a skirt from them, and I loved it but this time I really made a risky decision. I got a jumpsuit! my dreams of being futuristic jumpsuit girl are going to be realized! even though it’s not a really futuristic jumpsuit, it’s just a denim looking one. But it’s close enough for me!


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