Follower Feedback?

Heyo, I was just wanting to check in with you kind people who have chosen at one time or another to follow me on wordpress and I have a couple questions that I hope you’d answer

As you probably know by now, I have started a 30 day blogging challenge for the month of April. I don’t know if that content interests any of you, and I would like to continue through the full 30 days but I’m starting to think beyond this month.

I am mostly interested in writing what you want to read.

What did you follow me for? Was it for any of my atheist/religion related posts, my crafting and knitting stuff, or something else?

Was it so that I’d follow you back? Which is totally cool, btw.

I don’t hear from you guys very often, so I thought I’d throw this out there.


Looking towards April!

april 30 day bloggingI’ve decided to do a 30-day blogging challenge with my friend! Check out her blog! For the whole month of April!

😛 Let’s see if I can do this, I could really use the motivation.

I organized it so the selfies are on Saturdays! SELFIE SATURDAYS!!! I am going to either take a new picture or post an older one from my files.. depends on my mood.

I made the image, feel free to use it if you would like to. I made the list from looking at this and this and picking ones that I think we could both talk about.

also: my hubby and I are blogging about food, weight-loss, and reflections relating to those topics.

tons of fun! with craft books.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the used book store across the street from where I work. So I’ve gotten quite the collection of craft books .

Before I get started on the sharing of books, here is a sharing of food! Will made it a few weeks ago, but it was pretty darn delicious. Pork chops, the sauce was fantastic and had dates in it.

yum yum yum

This is going to be pretty picture heavy, I hope you appreciate it because the wordpress uploader is being a big meanie to me and it took way longer than it should have…

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A couple projects

I made this a little while ago and when I tried to make a post about it, my internet was being a meanie.

Last month I went through a tea drinking craze.. everyday I’d have a whole pot to myself in the morning and clear off the table to set my teapot and agave nectar and a cute little spoon and saucer.


I love my teapot.. isn’t it the best color ever? it’s not so washed out looking as the photo makes it look.. it’s a little more golden looking. I think the turquoise yarn really makes it look special. And the button doesn’t hurt either.


It’s a lone button, so I was pretty happy to find the perfect item to put it on. I also made a potpourri bowl for some lavender potpourri that I got for Christmas.

my first potpourri bowl!

Spring is coming

Animated Annie-mals

My sister is going to have a baby, so naturally I’m looking everywhere for baby related things. I found these at Shan’s Needleworks for $2 a piece.

Robbie Rabbit
Timmy Turtle

I’m particularly excited about the turtle. So cute!! I haven’t done amigurumi before, nothing has really caught my eye. I’ve seen lots of cool things people have whipped up, but I suppose I’m not into the cutesy items as much when it comes to actually making them. I figure having a niece/nephew gives me the opportunity to make those cutesy things without having to find a place to put them afterward.

I also got a nice discount bag of yarn.

love the colors

and a super handy knitting gauge tool!!

it shows metric on the other side, and canadian and american needle sizes on this side!

I went for a wonderful walk along the quay yesterday, so refreshing. I don’t go walking nearly as much as I should. They have so many beautiful flowers and decorative lettuces planted along the boardwalk, it makes me feel lucky to live where I do. Every morning I can enjoy the amazing colors of the sun rising up beyond the bridges and see the mist float around the river.




project update

I have quite a few projects on the go.. a shawl, handwarmers, a bag, a cowl, another shawl, a couple pictures, and this pretty underthing from an old Australian Women’s Weekly that I found through ravelry.

I don’t have pictures for all of them, but here’s a pic of the most recent. I’ve been holding on to this yarn for a while, cause nothing was awesome enough for it, and since I’ve expanded my craftiness to include a bit of knitting, I found the perfect project. Here’s the link to the ravelry page. It’s quite an easy pattern, and I’m making a couple alterations to allow for my hip-waist ratio.. lets see how it goes.

6".. like a drop in the pond

It’s a cool pattern to memorize because everything is done in counts of 5.

hopefully successful short row shaping

I also bought this GORGEOUS simply fantastic yarn yesterday!! I think I have to get a couple more skeins of it, maybe in another color too.

doesn't it look luscious?

It’s laceweight 70% baby alpaca and 30% mulberry silk. It’s so soft it makes you wonder why you’d ever want to wear anything made of anything else.

I also finished this hat a couple weeks ago, but I don’t like my face right now so I didn’t take a picture of it.. so here’s a picture now, even though the face sitch hasn’t changed.

forgot to take a picture with the camera, so it's a webcam pic.

it’s from Interweave Crochet’s Accessories 2010 issue. I probably used a yarn not quite what they called for, so it ended up needing a couple more repeats around the brim.. Or perhaps I just like my hats lower down than they designed for.

I hope everyone is having a happy new year so far!

Delicioso! plus some bonus musings!! woo

before the oven

Will made such a delicious dinner a couple weeks ago!! it was braised chicken thighs, and we had a yummy cheese plate and olive encrusted bread.

After the oven

mmm mmmm….

I’ve also got a bunch of projects on the go, and I’ve baked a bunch of cookies. I just started a (hopefully) beautiful knitting pattern. Here  I’m making it in a lavender slightly halo-y yarn and it seems to be going well so far. I’m a little concerned about how it’ll fit, since I’ve got a big hip to bust ratio. but the pattern description seems to indicate a good amount of stretchiness. I did change a couple things to suit my preferences of construction. I chained the stitches that I wanted to cast on, and I didn’t cast on as many as the pattern wanted me to, I think I have a larger yarn and needles than the pattern calls for.

I also did my first piece of double ended tunisian crochet! I just did a simple washcloth with crafting cotton. A plain natural color, and a rainbow yarn I got at the thrift store.


Really take a good look at it.. it’s amazing how the colors interact with each other and how the fabric feels.. it’s the opposite colors on the other side of the cloth. I didn’t use tunisian simple stitch, I did tunisian purl. It turned out really ridge-y and awesome, perfect for a wash cloth. I think it would be interesting to do this sort of stitch on a garment, with a softer thinner yarn.


Sometimes I think about a post on a blog I read once, I don’t remember the address 😦 It was the blog of a knitter, and she talked about how she happened to do smaller projects all the time, and wanted things simple and fast. She commented on how there seem to be two different types of knitters (and probably crocheters, as well). One is a product knitter/crocheter and the other is a process knitter/crocheter. I think I fall into the latter category. I’m constantly fascinated by the technique and forming the stitches, it doesn’t matter so much to me whether I have anything to show for my work, just understanding the inner workings of the craft excites me. Although it’s nice to have something to wear or give to someone at the end of the journey, it’s not the reason I do it.  A product knitter doesn’t care so much about the way it’s done, as long as it gets done and it’s pretty 😛 not that they don’t care about the way in which it was created, it’s just not the reason they do it.

I think that the two types of people could be transferred into any undertaking or art system. What sort do you think you are? If you see yourself as both, which do you think you tend to favor anyways? or why do you think that it doesn’t apply to you, being the fancy pants that you are 😛