A couple projects

I made this a little while ago and when I tried to make a post about it, my internet was being a meanie.

Last month I went through a tea drinking craze.. everyday I’d have a whole pot to myself in the morning and clear off the table to set my teapot and agave nectar and a cute little spoon and saucer.


I love my teapot.. isn’t it the best color ever? it’s not so washed out looking as the photo makes it look.. it’s a little more golden looking. I think the turquoise yarn really makes it look special. And the button doesn’t hurt either.


It’s a lone button, so I was pretty happy to find the perfect item to put it on. I also made a potpourri bowl for some lavender potpourri that I got for Christmas.

my first potpourri bowl!

project update

I have quite a few projects on the go.. a shawl, handwarmers, a bag, a cowl, another shawl, a couple pictures, and this pretty underthing from an old Australian Women’s Weekly that I found through ravelry.

I don’t have pictures for all of them, but here’s a pic of the most recent. I’ve been holding on to this yarn for a while, cause nothing was awesome enough for it, and since I’ve expanded my craftiness to include a bit of knitting, I found the perfect project. Here’s the link to the ravelry page. It’s quite an easy pattern, and I’m making a couple alterations to allow for my hip-waist ratio.. lets see how it goes.

6".. like a drop in the pond

It’s a cool pattern to memorize because everything is done in counts of 5.

hopefully successful short row shaping

I also bought this GORGEOUS simply fantastic yarn yesterday!! I think I have to get a couple more skeins of it, maybe in another color too.

doesn't it look luscious?

It’s laceweight 70% baby alpaca and 30% mulberry silk. It’s so soft it makes you wonder why you’d ever want to wear anything made of anything else.

I also finished this hat a couple weeks ago, but I don’t like my face right now so I didn’t take a picture of it.. so here’s a picture now, even though the face sitch hasn’t changed.

forgot to take a picture with the camera, so it's a webcam pic.

it’s from Interweave Crochet’s Accessories 2010 issue. I probably used a yarn not quite what they called for, so it ended up needing a couple more repeats around the brim.. Or perhaps I just like my hats lower down than they designed for.

I hope everyone is having a happy new year so far!

The last week has had many ups and downs. The downs were mostly due to a stress aggravated pms attack 😦

I did get the second job I had the interview for, which I start next month after the wedding. I found out after I had started training for the first one, so that’s a little crazy. The second one is much closer, the same wage and a few more hours a week than the one I’m training for right now. The one I’ve started is about half an hour away, which is mostly walking.. so it’s not as convenient. I feel bad that they’ve already started training and I’m pretty sure that I’m already going to quit. I’m pretty much 95% positive that the schedules aren’t going to work out between them, if I wanted to keep both of them. I’m glad I am working at least a couple weeks though, because the money is good to have, and it’s going to help me gear up for the new job.

On to more crafty news:

I bought this gorgeous yarn yesterday at Shan’s Needleworks which is just a few blocks from me. I’ve only gone in a couple times, but I really enjoy seeing what’s in there, and talking about techniques and patterns with the lady who runs it.


drool worthy, am I right?

This is destined to be an entrelac tunisian cowl. I have shivers when I think about it, no foolin’.

Also!!! I have finished myself a pair of slippers from scratch (pattern and all, spinning yarn not included) before 9:45 this morning. Do you remember this yarn?

I rolled it into a center pull ball, which by the way is my new favorite way to do balls of yarn. I was intending to make these Bella Slippers but because of the bulk of my yarn I think, it was going to be way too big. So I ripped it all back, and  using almost the same first 2 rows, I just improvised myself some cute slippers.  They would be easy to convert to a mary jane/ballet slipper look, but I like the simplicity of no fancy closures for a  first slipper. Especially because I was writing out the pattern as I was making it up so that both feet could be the same.

the first prototype!


I’m now starting to brainstorm ideas for embellishment.. perhaps a cute applique or buttons up the side. If people (mostly Erika 😛 ) are interested, I can post the pattern I wrote out. I’d really like it if someone tested it to see how it works out. I did the second slipper from the pattern I wrote for my prototype, but I don’t know how someone else will read it. I used maybe half a skein of chunky/bulky yarn and a 4.5 mm hook.

kitty, thor cup, and my new slippers! life doesn't get much better than this.. all I need is my Man sitting right next to me and I'm set

Fall is on its way!! It’s starting to get chillier during the nights.. So I think that the cowl I have planned is going to be just in time!

I had a meeting with the Marriage Commissioner yesterday too! She’s the nicest, jolly, cute lady ever. It’s all super set for October 1st at 2pm!! It’s hard to believe it’s only a few weeks away. Will is taking care of all the food, and I’m going to get some inexpensive decorations and pretty our place up!! We have about 20 – 25 people coming. It’s going to be in our apartment.. I hope we have enough room XD but I have no money for a venue, so it’ll have to do. I haven’t seen my father’s side of the family for 2 or 3 years.. so I’m really happy they’ll be coming! I was really hoping that my grandma would be able to make it, and it’s easier for her since we’ve moved and it’s a lot closer.