Day 18 – It’s Selfie Saturday!!!

Holy Shit, Y’all!!! Today is the best.

belated TBT to when I was a cute little wanna-be gothlette
belated TBT to when I was a cute little wanna-be gothlette

So I know I did the day in the life of me yesterday, but today was so nice.

I started out incredibly mad and grumpy because we had pizza and lava cakes last night… whenever I have pizza I don’t sleep well and I’ve been eating way too much sugar lately so I had heartburn. Hubby slept in the living room so I was okay all stretched out and listening to Sips. I guess he came back to bed super early in the morning and so I had to lay like a normal person and that made me grumpy.. then he wasn’t even sleeping and he was using my ipad, so that made me more grumpy. To make things worse I was dehydrated, and then the cat was all up in my grill being kinda cute but I wasn’t in the mood.

I ended up getting out of bed a little before 9am, had a shower and puttered around doing cleaning and grumping around, but it was so so beautiful outside so I thought to myself “wtf, Alisea, why are you being such a stick in the mud. You should go for a walk

I went out a little after midday, stopped at my boss’s new sandwich shop, and went to the park.

Then I listened to the Scathing Atheist podcast while I designed some stuff and crocheted a few coffee cup cozies. They aren’t finished yet, so I don’t have a picture, but they’re really cute so far. I got a bit of a sunburn, but I don’t even care cause it made me so happy to be outside by the river and no one bothered me. I got some Blue Sky sodas! I haven’t tried it before, but it’s got real sugar and real flavors (whatever “real” flavor means…) and they are super tasty and pretty cheap for a pop that calls itself all natural.

excuse my laptop image quality.
excuse my laptop image quality.

I even finished ALL of the laundry when I got home, got all of the recycling and pizza boxes sorted out AND did the laundry for things I’m bringing to consign. I was a productive and successfully ambitious* person.

The story about my selfies is that I tried so hard to take a selfie and I didn’t like any of them and I got progressively more yucky feeling about it. But I have a couple anyways, cause I need to learn to like the way I look even when I’m not glamorous.

the best things about this picture is that I can finally put my hair in a ponytail, there's some sweet art I did, and my bat'leth looks like a crown.
the best things about this picture is that I can finally put my hair in a ponytail, there’s some sweet art I did, and my bat’leth looks like a crown.
This is the more accurate representation of my hair color at the moment
This is the more accurate representation of my hair color at the moment


this is what I feel like doing to my face when I have a bad selfie day.
this is what I feel like doing to my face when I have a bad selfie day.

* “successfully ambitious” is a phrase compliments of my man.


Spring is coming

Animated Annie-mals

My sister is going to have a baby, so naturally I’m looking everywhere for baby related things. I found these at Shan’s Needleworks for $2 a piece.

Robbie Rabbit
Timmy Turtle

I’m particularly excited about the turtle. So cute!! I haven’t done amigurumi before, nothing has really caught my eye. I’ve seen lots of cool things people have whipped up, but I suppose I’m not into the cutesy items as much when it comes to actually making them. I figure having a niece/nephew gives me the opportunity to make those cutesy things without having to find a place to put them afterward.

I also got a nice discount bag of yarn.

love the colors

and a super handy knitting gauge tool!!

it shows metric on the other side, and canadian and american needle sizes on this side!

I went for a wonderful walk along the quay yesterday, so refreshing. I don’t go walking nearly as much as I should. They have so many beautiful flowers and decorative lettuces planted along the boardwalk, it makes me feel lucky to live where I do. Every morning I can enjoy the amazing colors of the sun rising up beyond the bridges and see the mist float around the river.




A new addition

Today Will and I picked up our new cat!! Her name is Snowflake, and she’s about 6 yrs old. plus she’s gorgeous!! 

isn’t she amazing?!  I love her.. I don’t know about her name though.. it’s a bit unimaginative.. I was thinking of Volmae cause of the white and pink thing.. not cause of the misunderstood villain thing. Snowball is a big cat.. it’s like holding a small child when I pick her up. She has adapted quite well to our apartment, I’m happy.. I was a little worried.

part of the view from our apartment window

more when I change the batteries in our camera, and I have this place looking more presentable for my liking if I’m going to take pictures..

Exciting stuff!

the general store, which is super awesome btw

 I went to the Huble Homestead yesterday with my sisters because on Canada Day my older sister’s legs were really hurting, and it was raining a lot. It’s probably my last trip with them before I move down to New Westminster.

Elinor, Mat, and Valerie

   There were so many beautiful flowers and it was gorgeous out there.. not incredibly sunny, but at least the rain held off until we were just heading to the car.

Today, I got my hair trim, which was cool. My hairdresser that I’ve had since I was like 6 years old is pretty cool, and it was nice to catch up with her a little bit before I leave. She’s one of the neat people you meet that really make you happy cause she is so accepting of differences and she has a good head on her shoulders.

Will’s mom got a new puppy today!! he’s so gosh darn cute!!


  She hasn’t chosen a name for him yet. He was so so cute when he was running through the grass, and he’d try to step over it but it was too tall for him so he’d fall over!! XD

The other dogs, Ricky and  Bubbles had totally different reactions to them, Bubbles (Ricky’s momma) didn’t want anything to do with the puppy, but Ricky was all over it, taking care of him and licking him and sniffing him and playing. I was really impressed cause we weren’t expecting that reaction.. but I didn’t think it would be a bad situation, it was just a thing that was super sweet to see.