Day 5! Fave beverages/teas

Anyone who knows me knows I love beverages. I honestly don’t drink as much fluids as I should, but I don’t dislike many types of drinks. Beer is among the few I really can’t stand.

I think I’ll make it something like a top 5 list.


This is my tea and coffee cupboard, but it’s 90% tea. I have 2 bags of coffee beans that I really almost never use, and I’ll probably end up using them to dye some fabric instead of drink it all.

In terms of teas I love, I have found I mostly have a soft spot for chamomiles. I don’t drink black teas very often because I usually forget to take the bag out and it gets really strong and bitter. Also, sugar and milk have no place in my teacup, only honey on occasion.

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tons of fun! with craft books.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the used book store across the street from where I work. So I’ve gotten quite the collection of craft books .

Before I get started on the sharing of books, here is a sharing of food! Will made it a few weeks ago, but it was pretty darn delicious. Pork chops, the sauce was fantastic and had dates in it.

yum yum yum

This is going to be pretty picture heavy, I hope you appreciate it because the wordpress uploader is being a big meanie to me and it took way longer than it should have…

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Xmas with the Millers

Christmas Kitty!!

Christmas was good for us. I don’t have a lot to say, so this post will mostly be pictures.

our awesome dollar store xmas tree
eggnog and sourdough french toast with maple candied BACON!

Will made candied cranberries, and we did cornish hens with a sourdough, pear, bacon and eggnog stuffing (OMG SO GOOD) and a side of  yukon gold buttermilk mashed potatoes with a hint of truffles, some butter poached radishes and carrots, and a fantastic dark chicken au jous instead of gravy. After the chicken came out of the oven, he ladled hot oil over it so the skin got nice and crispy. I also made some yummy buttermilk biscuits/buns

sugar encrusted jewels of deliciousness
in progress
le husband at work
2 out of 3.. don't they look scrumptous?
fancy plating
our table! excuse the box of things I neglected to bring out to the recycling
and Dessert!! eggnog rum and whipped cream with some nutmeg sprinkled over and a cranberry perched on top

It was a very good day, friends, presents and food. I really liked spending the whole day with Will, which doesn’t happen that often with work and all that jazz.

I leave you with CRANBERRIES!!!

yum yum yum in my tum tum tum

Delicioso! plus some bonus musings!! woo

before the oven

Will made such a delicious dinner a couple weeks ago!! it was braised chicken thighs, and we had a yummy cheese plate and olive encrusted bread.

After the oven

mmm mmmm….

I’ve also got a bunch of projects on the go, and I’ve baked a bunch of cookies. I just started a (hopefully) beautiful knitting pattern. Here  I’m making it in a lavender slightly halo-y yarn and it seems to be going well so far. I’m a little concerned about how it’ll fit, since I’ve got a big hip to bust ratio. but the pattern description seems to indicate a good amount of stretchiness. I did change a couple things to suit my preferences of construction. I chained the stitches that I wanted to cast on, and I didn’t cast on as many as the pattern wanted me to, I think I have a larger yarn and needles than the pattern calls for.

I also did my first piece of double ended tunisian crochet! I just did a simple washcloth with crafting cotton. A plain natural color, and a rainbow yarn I got at the thrift store.


Really take a good look at it.. it’s amazing how the colors interact with each other and how the fabric feels.. it’s the opposite colors on the other side of the cloth. I didn’t use tunisian simple stitch, I did tunisian purl. It turned out really ridge-y and awesome, perfect for a wash cloth. I think it would be interesting to do this sort of stitch on a garment, with a softer thinner yarn.


Sometimes I think about a post on a blog I read once, I don’t remember the address 😦 It was the blog of a knitter, and she talked about how she happened to do smaller projects all the time, and wanted things simple and fast. She commented on how there seem to be two different types of knitters (and probably crocheters, as well). One is a product knitter/crocheter and the other is a process knitter/crocheter. I think I fall into the latter category. I’m constantly fascinated by the technique and forming the stitches, it doesn’t matter so much to me whether I have anything to show for my work, just understanding the inner workings of the craft excites me. Although it’s nice to have something to wear or give to someone at the end of the journey, it’s not the reason I do it.  A product knitter doesn’t care so much about the way it’s done, as long as it gets done and it’s pretty 😛 not that they don’t care about the way in which it was created, it’s just not the reason they do it.

I think that the two types of people could be transferred into any undertaking or art system. What sort do you think you are? If you see yourself as both, which do you think you tend to favor anyways? or why do you think that it doesn’t apply to you, being the fancy pants that you are 😛




Chapatis a la Alisea

We ran out of yeast last week. I baked some delicious buns.. my best yet, if I do say so myself. So this week, because we had no bread left, and no yeast with which to make it, I decided to use a recipe for some flat bread I have in a bread book.
The recipe is for chapatis, which is a flat bread from India.

yum yum yum in my tum tum tum!!


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One Week Already!!

I’ve been married for a week now.. I don’t feel a whole lot different. Will and I were living together for 2 years before we finally did the legal stuff. I guess it’s how you suppose you should feel different after your 16th birthday or losing your virginity, but it ends up not feeling so life altering. Especially since I made my commitment to him a long time ago, and there isn’t a big change in my life besides the fact that I now call him ‘husband’ rather than ‘fiance’ or boyfriend. I’m so happy we finally tied the knot, though.

I guess I will tell y’all about the wedding.. and show some pictures.

A few days before the wedding, Will’s friend Christine came to stay with us from Connecticut, if memory serves me. Christine is awesome, btw. We baked cookies and hung out lots!! She also helped me out with putting together the decorations the night before the wedding.

flowers before
flowers after
close up of the center

Thanks Christine!!!!

some cute flowers left over we put in a vase

On the Day, it was crazy.. Christine and I went out to get last minute stuff, like the keg of rootbeer, and some ingredients for salsa and guacamole. I had to finish sewing the hem of my dress, which was incredibly stressful! Also, no one else knew how to work my phone, so when people needed to get in the apartment, I had to ring them up, and it was so hard to get ready and do that at the same time and try to make sure everything was done.. wow.. it was crazy.  I have a hard time delegating tasks.

Will ordered a couple party plates from Okonomi Sushi, and it was a big hit, along with the cookies Christine and I made.

Now for some fancy pictures!!! Courtesy of my best friend Jen, she’s a super photographer, and a super person!

last minute alterations
Will makin' some salsa!!
He can now kiss his bride!
my favorite picture

 There will be more pictures sometime soon. I didn’t want to put up pictures of anyone else, just because of privacy and I don’t know if people want their pictures up in a public arena.

Here is a video of the ceremony that  Bob took with his phone. 

Labor vs. Labour

I guess since I’m in Canada I should be using labour, not labor. I like the simplicity of not adding a ‘u’ to words for no reason. Although if I feel hoity toity then I’ll spell shit however I want to.

In life events:

Will and I have a friend staying over for about a week, this last weekend (labor day weekend) we went to Japadog!! it was delicious! If anyone gets the chance, you have to go there.

We also went to Burger Heaven again. I had the cod burger, and it was scrumptious! woohoo for good food!

In more life events:

I have the marriage commissioner for Oct. 1st.

I got a job offer and an awesome job interview today, so I find out tomorrow if I get the second one. I have a super feeling about the interview, so I’m crossing my fingers that I get it. It’s just down the street from me, whereas the one I got an offer on is a few train stops over and a 20 min. walk after that. Which means I’ll be paying for a monthly pass, which means less money I could use for more useful things.

I need to figure out how to get my wedding dress shortened (cause I’m not so tall) for cheap. So if anyone can suggest anything, that would be fantastic! I’m thinking I might try hand sewing, but that means I need help pinning the hem to the length I need it, and that’s hard. I don’t really want to feel ridiculous on my wedding day with a way too long dress so I feel frumpy. that’s the day no one ever wants to feel frumpy.


I am finally finished this project that has plagued me for about 3 years now.. that’s pretty sad it took me so long, but I’d keep losing it, so really, it wasn’t all procrastination. All in all, though, I’m proud of how it turned out.

it was supposed to be my sister's 17th birthday present.
I love this button!
my super hand-sewn lining

You may recognize the lining from my previous post.  I have plans for the rest of this fabric, it’s so pretty!! I got the button from when I worked at the Hospice Resale Shop.

Yesterday was the farmers market that’s just up the street from me, so I went. It was neat. There was a guy playing the accordion and there were lots of neat vendors.

I got this Pear tart from a baker who said this recipe originated in Alsace, which is where parts of my family come from. I think that's pretty awesome.

I also got a loaf of whole wheat sour dough bread from some bread bakers, who were super nice. Some fresh corn, a weird looking cucumber, and also some chai spiced honey.

Yesterday I also found a neat little thrift store called Treasure Chest which supports the Canadian Mental Health Association. The deals there are better than the Hospice.. although they do have a much smaller store and probably not as much overhead as the Hospice Resale Shop. I still like them both.

this purple top looks much better close up.
also a much better representation of the color.
I love pleats! not yucky pleats.. I guess these might be called pin tucks?

I also found one of these loom kits, I have an idea for using this as a large knitting frame as well.

My sisters visited for a few days, it was nice to see family again. We went out to Okonomi Sushi and the Tableau Bar Bistro, both were delicious!! It was nice to see where Will works, too. The service was awesome, and I discovered how yummy a Twentieth Century can be. It tastes like a lemon meringue pie!!!!!! my favorite XD

I also turned 22 last week.. it’s kind of freaky. I really need to get going on my life plans, or I’m gonna turn old.


this has been a good food week.

Last Thursday (the 11th) it was my birthday!! so we were going to go to this place called Cockney King’s, but it was full up with a line, and we did not want to wait. There happened to be a burger place across the street that Will said was good, so we went there instead. BURGER HEAVEN!! literally and figuratively. It’s the name of the restaurant, and the burger I got was the most delicious thing ever!! If anyone comes to New Westminster and has a craving for some meat (or not, they do have veggie burgers) on a bun, this is the place to go!

On Friday we decided to go to Okonomi Sushi, which I’ve been to before, it is fantastic! Will got the burning stone that you cook your meat on, and an insane amount of sake (which I have discovered is delicious when it’s hot). I got this bento box meal that was incredible and so filling. The service there is really good whenever we go, I love it that whenever someone walks in, all the people there greet you! no matter how far they are from seeing you XD

Saturday and Sunday are a little confusing for me, I forget what happened in what order..(after I wrote it all out, I figured out what happened XD) I know on Saturday we went to Blood and Iron for our second sword fighting lesson! Afterwards we went to get groceries.  On Sunday we went to metrotown and had lots of fun and got a couple cool pieces of jade jewelry. Will got a Flash flash drive, and I went to Lush!!

I also had an interview on Saturday, which I didn’t hear back from today. So I probably didn’t get it, but I feel I did well on the interview, which helps with my confidence.

On Sunday(or saturday?) Saturday Will made us this :

Salmon with "Alisea sauce" on Broccolini

Alisea sauce is Will’s creation.. he’s so good to me. It’s a blueberry sauce that’s really yummy on pork too.  It’s not too sweet, like you might suspect.

Skip forward to today: I made Ginger glazed Carrots from this recipe. It was good, a bit sweet for me, but I didn’t use “fresh” orange juice, I used tropicana. 😦 I tasted it part way through and I thought it was going to end up sweeter than it was. Will seemed to like it, though.

Will also got me cookies today!!! woohoo. it was from a place called Cookies by George, downtown Vancouver, and every cookie was perfect. Especially this one molasses cookie, and the chocolate chip.

We also got a Santevia gravity water system. Water actually tastes really good from it. I’ve been drinking more of it, which is good because I don’t usually get enough water in my system. we got it on sale.

All in all a good week.