This post (as with many of my others) is long overdue.

I think I inherited my tardiness from my dad.. when I was a kid we’d be ready to go to church on Sunday and then he’d decide he wanted to come along, but first he had to wash his hair. I remember sitting in the car looking up and seeing the bathroom light on and him rubbing his hair with a towel while we were waiting. Without fail we’d come into the service during the music or even as the sermon was just starting. I don’t think I”m always that late, but I seem to always running about 5 minutes behind everyone else.

Anyhow, there is a bit of news in my life.

1. My sister is having a baby!!! I’m so excited for them. 😀  She’s due on the first of October, and I’m going to make a little layette for the new niece/nephew. Just a small blanket, a hat, some booties and a sweater if I have time. I also have a million projects in my head that I’m going to make for them! ooo a whole life of cute projects to make for a little youngster! Valerie and Mat are going to be amazing parents.

2. The place I work had a fire a few months ago. The entire thing is quite ridiculous..  the building manager or someone hired a person to get rid of weeds around the building. This person decided TORCHING THEM would be a good idea. There are lots of problems with his notion that it would be a good thing to do: fire is not the answer to weeds (have you seen how much of those types of plants come up after a forest fire has gone through? weeds thrive after a fire.); he was walking around with a propane tank and a hose with fire coming out of it (wtf is wrong with him?); and WHY WOULD YOU PUT FIRE AROUND AN OLD BUILDING?!?! the tiles around the front of the shop only have wood behind them, and who knows how old or dry or anything that wood is…

There are no words for this stupidity. He was totally irresponsible, he could have endangered lives (thankfully the fire was after store hours), he ruined merchandise that the store didn’t even own (we are a consignment shop), he has cost the business an incredible amount of money (even with insurance coverage), and he has put the employees out of work. WTF.  I could go on and on, but I don’t think people want to read this.

3. I started using proactive. This is a good thing and a bad thing… the good is that it’s made my face look and feel a lot better and I have regained quite a bit of confidence. the bad is that I am not a fan of putting chemicals like that on/in my body (with the exception of hair bleach so I can do turquoise or something fancy).

ignore the funky look on my face, it was intensely bright out.. the whole point is that my face was so irritated and red and full of acne.


not taking into account the makeup which is quite sheer on my general face area, you should be able to see the improvement. I still have some scarring, but that’s fading fairly quickly.

I have been trying really hard to clean up my beauty routine, I have a bunch of shampoo to use up, but after it’s finished I’m going to start cleaning my hair in a way that doesn’t strip the natural oils so efficiently. I hate throwing out things so I tend to try to use things up before I switch to a cleaner alternative. I have been using mineral and natural makeup except for a couple colors of eyeshadow that I’m just looking for a good alternative to.

I didn’t like the moisturizer I got with the Proactiv set (the green tea moisturizer). It just didn’t hydrate as well as I like, I have extremely dry skin. I’ve taken to using a teensy dab of coconut or castor oil and just warming it up and working it into my skin. The castor oil especially is really calming for my irritable skin and I don’t have to reapply moisture through the day. With conventional moisturizing creams I would likely have to apply it 2 or 3 times to get rid of the dryness.

I’m planning on blending up a little castor oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil for a blend for my skin that is a little bit lighter than just castor oil alone. The oils really help restore the luster(?) to my skin after bombarding it with the Proactiv.

In the next couple days, I have a couple yarn projects to post on here for y’alls viewing pleasure.

Does anyone else have natural beauty or other secrets? I love to hear about cool ways to use items in the cupboard or schmancy ingredients.