*fair warning: this is going to be really ramble-y*

Recently I have been feeling fired up.. not about any one particular thing. I’m finding it hard to explain exactly, but I almost feel like I’m at a turning point in my life. Several ideas and plans that have been floating around in my head are starting to feel more concrete and I’ve been struggling to come to a point at which I feel confident enough to make some changes that need to be taken care of. Continue reading


Various Rambling

I’ve been thinking a lot about quite a few things lately and now that I”ve sat down to write about it, all of a sudden I can’t seem to formulate the words I feel are there.

Lately I”ve been thinking a lot about a friend I use to have that I’ve lost touch with. Continue reading

Ode to Tim Hortons

I haven’t had donuts in a little while (I think..) but I was going through my art gallery on and I came across this poem I wrote a few years ago.. it’s quite fun.

Let me count the Ways 

I hope you all who happen to read this enjoy it too. 🙂

In other news: I made a scrumptious dinner for my mom and sister with my man! it was a tomato and goat cheese pie! a pizza pie!!! and I put some broccoli in it.. Will made an accompanying salad that had yellow capsicum peppers,tomato, corn, red onion, purple cabbage, and a neato vinaigrette  he whipped up.  Soon I’ll get the photos from the camera and show you! It wasn’t my camera, so I don’t know if it’s even all in focus, but you’ll get the jist of it.

Also my allergies really really suck…

Personal Successes

This past week or two has been quite eventful..
To start off with, I should explain that I was (yet another) depressed teenager, and I was stuck fairly deep in that rut. I had/have a problem with procrastination.. and this is no regular procrastination, this is an epic – nay, Godly ability to procrastinate. So I went through long periods unemployed, not attending jobs I had, not doing homework, and general idleness. I’d go through phases when I’d do chores and try to get stuff done so I didn’t feel so bad about it, but those phases only lasted for a couple days, maybe a week at most.

Continue reading