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birdsanctuary aug 2015

Hello everybody

I have been quite absent. Not that I was ever much of a prolific blogger to begin with, but I need to stop coming up with excuses. I’ll probably never be a very steady person with this sort of thing.

Oh well!

Tidbits of news:

My hair is almost shoulder length and I haven’t had any major impulses to hack it all of yet! (coloring my hair definitely helps.)

I missed a deadline so I have to wait to get into the program I was planning on. As a result, I’m just taking one course this semester.

I got Marie Kondo’s magical decluttering book and it is amazing.. but now I am so busy I don’t have the time to use the knowledge from it in any real way. I really want a full week or something so I can do a marathon cleaning and re-ordering to our lives. (perhaps just another excuse)

With the coming cool weather, I’ve noticed that my inspiration level is increasing.. I feel more like actually pursuing creative endeavors and I like it. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like creating things. I’m planning on doing some weaving (wall hangings) and drawing (bookplates are amazing!)

That’s all for now. I will show you some pictures from when I went to the George C Reiffel Bird Sanctuary.

birdsanctuary aug 2015 -2 birdsanctuary aug 2015 -3 birdsanctuary aug 2015 -4


Day 17- a day in the life of me

my life isn’t action packed, just to give you fair warning!

Today, for example, I didn’t have work or classes, in which case I probably would still accomplish the same amount of tasks outside of those hours.

I woke up at 11am because I stayed up til 2am. I was supposed to go to a chemistry exam help session which started at 11, so I was super late. Ended up getting to the college around quarter to one o’clock. I met a friend and we hung out in the cafeteria for a few hours and “studied”

Turns out that I had won a year pass to a bird sanctuary and a swag bag because I entered a raffle! So that was fun, the backpack I got from it is pretty sweet.

Then I came home around 4pm and hung out with my hubby until he went to a friends house.

After he left I talked to Erika on skype for a while and was successful at procrastinating about packing some boxes to send to my family up north. I got a bunch of Japanese candy from the Asian supermarket yesterday, since they don’t have one in their town, really. 

Now I’m watching Danger 5 on Netflix. I should go to bed because tomorrow I’m planning on going out to get a new phone because my old one is completely destroyed. 

Right now that’s a fairly accurate representation of my life as a slacker. 

Tomorrow I’m planning on taking a better quality selfie for Selfie Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled!

I haven’t forgotten about day 15, I had an essay due. I did finish it! but now it’s time to sleep, so I’ll do a double whammy for the 16th.

Day 12

what book could I read over and over again? I think that was the question for today.

I have to say that it would probably be Dune by Frank Herbert. I think I’ve read it about four times now, and each time I appreciate it more and more. Each reading brings a new set of details out, and it amazes me how much he packed into this book. 

I don’t have the chops to go into an in-depth review, and today was pretty rough. So I think I’ll leave it at that for now. I would like to talk more at length about this series at some point in the future, though. I’m going to add it to a list of topics.

Day 7 – Favorite Quote

I usually am not good about quotes because I don’t think of them in my day to day life very often unless it’s cliches or television references. But! This quote from Gabourey Sidibe really encompasses the way I’ve been trying to think and change the way I feel about myself.


Things like this are always easier said than done, but apparently if you say something often enough, it becomes actual. That’s what I’d like for me.


Day 6- what’s in my closet?

 a better question might be what’s not in my closet?

I’ve been going through a long process of figuring out what I want my style to be, so I constantly buy new things and try to figure out what doesn’t work.

I honestly had piles and piles of clothes going into this post.. So I tried to hang up everything that I know doesn’t need to be laundered and this is what I came up with. It’s still not nearly everything, but this is most of my spring/summer along with a few warmer pieces to keep the chills out.


excuse the quality, ipads dont have the best camera for poor light

I did a quick tally, and being somewhat modest about the full totals, here are the numbers of what’s in my closet:

40+ tops and cardigans

25-30 (+?) dresses

6 skirts

4 jeans 

2 shorts

10+ misc pants & leggings

I’m a little bit embarassed.. This is not including the laundry in the basket and the things I have in storage.

A full overhaul is clearly in order.. I would like to clear out about half of this. If you don’t take into account undergarments, I would probably be able to wear a completely different outfit every day of the year. 


 Perhaps I will get started this week 😊

Day 3 – If I could have any job in the world?

In my fantasy world, I would be an astronaut. I have an undying dream of being able to go to space.. mostly in the amazing fast-travel sense that most scifi is based around. I know I’ve mentioned Farscape really recently, but I basically want a leviathan ship. I could *settle* for being a colonist on Mars 😛


I’m not really sure. I would like to be able to do something with fibers or threads or organization. I’ve been thinking I would potentially love to be either a textile designer or a magazine editor.

to be perfectly honest, I had a weird day and I feel drained and pretty pessimistic.

I’m in the process of going to school and I’m going to be doing a bachelor of journalism degree. I’m hoping that will give me some inspiration to go either into tv/radio or something in the print/media industry. A little dream that right now my brain isn’t letting me be hopeful about is perhaps getting my shit together and either creating or joining a needlework/crafts-focused magazine and being an editor or contributor. Mostly I don’t want to be in retail.

blogging challenge day two – Goals

according to the list I made for the 30-day challenge, today’s topic is 5 goals that I am currently pursuing.

I’m coming up on the end of the winter term at school, so it’s probably going to be a mix of short term and long term.

Un: catch up on my studying and buckle down for exams. I may have mentioned his before, but this semester has been rough going for me, more emotionally than anything else, and I finally feel somewhat up to meeting my own expectations so I want to get cracking

Deux: I brought home this amazing stick. Sounds kind of silly, but it is a great stick. I want to make a really cool wall hanging out of it using macramé and weaving. I haven’t decided on a color scheme, but I’ll show you some inspirational pictures.

the stick in question
the stick in question
Tapiz Blanco by Emebe Elepe
Tapiz Blanco by Emebe Elepe
textured woven art by SolDelSur
textured woven art by SolDelSur
Spirit Weaving
Spirit Weaving
All Roads textile art- Amazing stuff here!!
All Roads textile art- Amazing stuff here!!

Trois: Downsize my closet!! I work in a consignment store, which has really great clothing at great prices in the first place, but with my discount I just end up accumulating so much that I can’t possibly wear! On Day 6, you will all see it. There’s no reason for me to have 20 dresses… I might even have more than 20, I don’t even know.

Quatre: Finish knitting all of (or most of…. or even one tbh) the projects I have started. Right now the projects I know I have on the go are : socks pour moi, handwarmers for my sister (still!), multiple scarves/shawls, a hat, a bag that needs to be felted and embroidered, toys for my niece, and handwarmers for my mother. That’s just the ones I remember, and I know a few other projects I want to finish this year.


Cinq: Treat myself better. Just in general, I mentally beat myself up over unimportant things, I don’t eat well and then get bummed out about it, and I need to enforce boundaries with people who ignore the subtle signals.

This is a more comprehensive multi-pronged and very long-term goal. It’s mostly small things like making myself tea, preparing my food ahead of time, and making sure to drink water and go to bed when I’m actually tired. I have started to tackle the food prep and boundary enforcement, but water and sleep are my major stumbling blocks. So simple and yet so difficult.

What do you all think? do you think about the goals you’d like to set, or just have a vague set of things to do (like I usually do)?

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I guess I can start with saying what weight-loss means to me. It’s a tangled mass of feelings and hopes and failures. When I think of an ideal body to live in, it’s honestly something along the lines of Lucy Lawless in Xena or Chiana from Farscape.. pretty freakin’ unrealistic. I’ve never tried very hard to legitimately lose weight because when I was in high-school for a little while I fell into extremely disordered eating, and because of some of the situations in my family I knew I shouldn’t want to lose weight for…

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