One Week Already!!

I’ve been married for a week now.. I don’t feel a whole lot different. Will and I were living together for 2 years before we finally did the legal stuff. I guess it’s how you suppose you should feel different after your 16th birthday or losing your virginity, but it ends up not feeling so life altering. Especially since I made my commitment to him a long time ago, and there isn’t a big change in my life besides the fact that I now call him ‘husband’ rather than ‘fiance’ or boyfriend. I’m so happy we finally tied the knot, though.

I guess I will tell y’all about the wedding.. and show some pictures.

A few days before the wedding, Will’s friend Christine came to stay with us from Connecticut, if memory serves me. Christine is awesome, btw. We baked cookies and hung out lots!! She also helped me out with putting together the decorations the night before the wedding.

flowers before
flowers after
close up of the center

Thanks Christine!!!!

some cute flowers left over we put in a vase

On the Day, it was crazy.. Christine and I went out to get last minute stuff, like the keg of rootbeer, and some ingredients for salsa and guacamole. I had to finish sewing the hem of my dress, which was incredibly stressful! Also, no one else knew how to work my phone, so when people needed to get in the apartment, I had to ring them up, and it was so hard to get ready and do that at the same time and try to make sure everything was done.. wow.. it was crazy.  I have a hard time delegating tasks.

Will ordered a couple party plates from Okonomi Sushi, and it was a big hit, along with the cookies Christine and I made.

Now for some fancy pictures!!! Courtesy of my best friend Jen, she’s a super photographer, and a super person!

last minute alterations
Will makin' some salsa!!
He can now kiss his bride!
my favorite picture

 There will be more pictures sometime soon. I didn’t want to put up pictures of anyone else, just because of privacy and I don’t know if people want their pictures up in a public arena.

Here is a video of the ceremony that  Bob took with his phone. 



You are now reading the words of a wife!! woo
On Saturday Will and I got married. We had a few friends over, a couple family, and had sushi, cake, drunk Donkey Kong Jenga, and marvel vs capcom matches. Pictures will follow in the next few days.

I Hear the Wedding Bells a’Ringin

it’s weird to wrap your mind around it… Nothing is really going to change except for legal matters, but it feels like some sort of graduation. I’ll be married and then magically I’ll be some old/adult person. I don’t tend to feel like an adult, I don’t know what I feel like.. but it isn’t an adult. Maybe it’s not that I’m not an adult, it’s that I have a warped view of what it is to be an adult.
I bet if I didn’t giggle so badly when Will tickles me, I would feel more adult.

The last week has had many ups and downs. The downs were mostly due to a stress aggravated pms attack 😦

I did get the second job I had the interview for, which I start next month after the wedding. I found out after I had started training for the first one, so that’s a little crazy. The second one is much closer, the same wage and a few more hours a week than the one I’m training for right now. The one I’ve started is about half an hour away, which is mostly walking.. so it’s not as convenient. I feel bad that they’ve already started training and I’m pretty sure that I’m already going to quit. I’m pretty much 95% positive that the schedules aren’t going to work out between them, if I wanted to keep both of them. I’m glad I am working at least a couple weeks though, because the money is good to have, and it’s going to help me gear up for the new job.

On to more crafty news:

I bought this gorgeous yarn yesterday at Shan’s Needleworks which is just a few blocks from me. I’ve only gone in a couple times, but I really enjoy seeing what’s in there, and talking about techniques and patterns with the lady who runs it.


drool worthy, am I right?

This is destined to be an entrelac tunisian cowl. I have shivers when I think about it, no foolin’.

Also!!! I have finished myself a pair of slippers from scratch (pattern and all, spinning yarn not included) before 9:45 this morning. Do you remember this yarn?

I rolled it into a center pull ball, which by the way is my new favorite way to do balls of yarn. I was intending to make these Bella Slippers but because of the bulk of my yarn I think, it was going to be way too big. So I ripped it all back, and  using almost the same first 2 rows, I just improvised myself some cute slippers.  They would be easy to convert to a mary jane/ballet slipper look, but I like the simplicity of no fancy closures for a  first slipper. Especially because I was writing out the pattern as I was making it up so that both feet could be the same.

the first prototype!


I’m now starting to brainstorm ideas for embellishment.. perhaps a cute applique or buttons up the side. If people (mostly Erika 😛 ) are interested, I can post the pattern I wrote out. I’d really like it if someone tested it to see how it works out. I did the second slipper from the pattern I wrote for my prototype, but I don’t know how someone else will read it. I used maybe half a skein of chunky/bulky yarn and a 4.5 mm hook.

kitty, thor cup, and my new slippers! life doesn't get much better than this.. all I need is my Man sitting right next to me and I'm set

Fall is on its way!! It’s starting to get chillier during the nights.. So I think that the cowl I have planned is going to be just in time!

I had a meeting with the Marriage Commissioner yesterday too! She’s the nicest, jolly, cute lady ever. It’s all super set for October 1st at 2pm!! It’s hard to believe it’s only a few weeks away. Will is taking care of all the food, and I’m going to get some inexpensive decorations and pretty our place up!! We have about 20 – 25 people coming. It’s going to be in our apartment.. I hope we have enough room XD but I have no money for a venue, so it’ll have to do. I haven’t seen my father’s side of the family for 2 or 3 years.. so I’m really happy they’ll be coming! I was really hoping that my grandma would be able to make it, and it’s easier for her since we’ve moved and it’s a lot closer.



Labor vs. Labour

I guess since I’m in Canada I should be using labour, not labor. I like the simplicity of not adding a ‘u’ to words for no reason. Although if I feel hoity toity then I’ll spell shit however I want to.

In life events:

Will and I have a friend staying over for about a week, this last weekend (labor day weekend) we went to Japadog!! it was delicious! If anyone gets the chance, you have to go there.

We also went to Burger Heaven again. I had the cod burger, and it was scrumptious! woohoo for good food!

In more life events:

I have the marriage commissioner for Oct. 1st.

I got a job offer and an awesome job interview today, so I find out tomorrow if I get the second one. I have a super feeling about the interview, so I’m crossing my fingers that I get it. It’s just down the street from me, whereas the one I got an offer on is a few train stops over and a 20 min. walk after that. Which means I’ll be paying for a monthly pass, which means less money I could use for more useful things.

I need to figure out how to get my wedding dress shortened (cause I’m not so tall) for cheap. So if anyone can suggest anything, that would be fantastic! I’m thinking I might try hand sewing, but that means I need help pinning the hem to the length I need it, and that’s hard. I don’t really want to feel ridiculous on my wedding day with a way too long dress so I feel frumpy. that’s the day no one ever wants to feel frumpy.

Cheese Treats! and other things

These are the most delicious cookies ever. Surprising, because they are by no means a sweet dessert cookie, but they have a texture and satisfaction to die for. it’s definitely one of my family’s favorites.. And I promised Erika that I’d post the recipe, so here it is, however belated it may be.

1/2 lb grated sharp cheddar
1/2 lb softened butter
2 cups flour
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
2 1/2 cups rice krispies
Mix together, form balls, flatten with fork (you can use the fork marks as a decorative aspect to them).
Bake at 350*C for 10-15 minutes

We usually do a double recipe, because they go so fast. After they’re done, eat them fresh, or keep them in the fridge.

Someday I will get a picture to post.


Other updates:

– Had my last day at work yesterday, I will miss that place. It was one of the best jobs I’ve had, and I will miss the people the most.. If you live in Prince George, you really should go to the Hospice Resale Shop, tax free, super duper people, and awesome craft supplies. Also they are having a dollar sale on clothing for the month of July.. so you better head down there. It’s for a good cause also.

– Going to be with my love again on Friday!! I’m so excited!! I haven’t seen him in over a month 😦  New apartment, new city, new everything… it’s exhilarating and scary and awesome all at once.

– Getting a hair cut tomorrow!! not anything drastic.. just a trim, but I’m still excited.

Impending summer

excuse the yucky look on my face

Well you’d hope that summer would already be up and running, but here in nothern BC it has only been for maybe a month…. maybe.
I got a new dress! It fits like a dream
In actual news: I may be moving to vancouver in the very near future!!! Will has applied at one of the restaurants on the waterfront and tonight he’s doing a trial shift to see if they want him and where he’d fit in the kitchen. If he gets it then they’ll be giving him a full- time postion.  He’s been checking out apartments too.
I’m excited! And also worried because of the wedding and how to be able to move down and still do all that stuff.. i’m trying not to worry bout it too much because we’ll figure it out in the next few days.
I mostly just miss him… I want to be with him while all these exciting things are happening.

It’s official

I can’t fit into my wedding dress right now.

sad panda face

anyways.. so it’s just given me the extra motivation I needed to kickstart my healthy lifestyle changes I’ve been wanting to make. Exercising for one. Eating more fruits and veggies, not so much bread and deep fried stuff or junk food which I know doesn’t contribute anything to the healthy functioning of my body.. and I want to eat less meat.

I’m not at all ungrateful, but living with the in-laws these past months has really taken a toll on my food choices. His mom makes so many delicious rich heavy foods that I’m not use to (on such a regular basis). And they’re good, believe me they are.. but I like those types of things as a once in a while treat reserved for holidays, not every day. I’ve had more butter, dairy and crazy mashed potatoes and cheese and bacon than I can handle. I don’t feel very energetic. When I eat I don’t want to feel like hibernating and just vegetating on the couch, I want to feel alive and vital after I eat. That’s what food is supposed to do, right? give you energy?

Don’t misunderstand me at all.. I honestly believe that you can be healthy and fat at the same time. Just like someone can be skinny and unhealthy at the same time. I just know for myself that I’m indulging too much in things that I really don’t need to.  I do want to fit my clothing better and feel more confident, but that comes with the energy and feeling at peace with the choices of what I put into my body. If I reach my goal of eating well and getting activity into my day more and I’m still chubby, then I’m good with that. I *love* my hips and my curves, but I can’t help wanting to not feel jiggly and yucky when I simply walk down a hallway.

One thing that I dislike about myself is that my thighs stick together when I walk and stuff.. I don’t like that feeling. It’s why I’ve almost never worn skirts in every day dealings.

to counterbalance that little negative nelly moment: I like how my skin freckles during the summer.

On another note, I got these couple things a while ago, but I still have to show someone! this awesome stitch holder and this surprisingly good set of Needlework reference books.

10 cents!!!! Isn’t that amazing?! I really like it, cause it’s handy and I’m a sucker for neat packaging like that.

Now this is a set of 3 books called the Leewards Complete Library of Needlecraft. In the books it covers pretty much all the basics and a bit to spare on Knitting, Crochet (including tunisian, hairpin and basic tatting), macrame, embroidery, Sewing, patchwork and applique, needlepoint/cross stitch, and even Rug making!!!!

There are lots of good looking patterns  in these books that are on my ever growing list of projects to complete. I’d recommend them if you happen to ever see these books around.